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Greg Walsh has been in the interior design business for over 15 years. While at trade shows, he noticed a number of interesting accessories for men from rather unknown manufacturers, and so he decided to add a little corner with men’s accessories to his interior design store, ID Inside Design. His customers liked it so much that soon the nook had to be expanded, and eventually, two years ago, Martin Patrick 3 was founded in Minneapolis.

The goal was to offer high quality items for a fair price. In the beginning, Martin Patrick 3 sold one-size-fits-all items like ties from Altea, socks from Marcoliani and pocket squares. Now, the portfolio has been expanded considerably, ranging from Concord walking canes, shaving kits and books to cocktail shakers and cologne, as well as belts, headphones and even shoes from Grenson and Fred Perry. In addition, they offer vintage wrist watches and cufflinks, as well as Boutonnieres in silk, cotton or wool! This is a very special selection, which I have rarely seen before, especially in the Midwest.

Moreover, they try to support local businesses who produce top notch quality goods. For example, leather bags from J. W. Hulme of St. Paul, MN, are made from the best leathers and come with a lifetime warranty – not something you see very often anymore. Of course, since such bags have their price and not everybody can afford to spend several hundred dollars on a duffel bag, the shop offers a canvas bag from Baekgaard for a mere $100. Martin Patrick 3 was also the first store to carry Pierrepont Hicks ties, which are made in NYC, and soon they will offer shirts from Gitman Bros and Simon Carter as well. With all this support for products made in the US, it’s hardly surprising that Martin Patrick 3 will be one of the exhibitors at the Northern Grade – a trade show for American-made products later this year on September 11th.

Martin Patrick 3 has created a unique following, and interestingly, a large number of women come here to find special gifts for their significant other. Moreover, Martin Patrick 3 hosts events on a regular basis, such as Late Night Shopping, where the style-conscious  meet for a drink, enjoy hors d’oeurves and have the chance to buy some new accessories.

Martin Patrick 3
212 Third Ave N, Suite 106,
Minneapolis, MN 55401North Loop
Tel: 612-746-5329
SAT 10-6
SUN 12-5



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