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Noteworthy: Moritz Kickhöfen, Bresciani Argyle Socks And Shoehorn

Today, we would like to introduce our latest contributing editor Moritz Kickhöfen, present to you some Argyle wool socks from Bresciani, as well as shoe horns constructed of Abbeyhorn from the Hanger Project.

Moritz Kickhöfen

Moritz Kickhöfen

Moritz Kickhöfen

Ever since I started the Gentleman’s Gazette, I have received multiple emails a week from style aficionados all over the world. Several months ago, I received one of these messages Moritz Kickhöfen. He was very excited about the Gentleman’s Gazette and is very interested in high quality vintage items. Living in Germany, he initially discovered his passion for classic men’s clothing through listening to old music.Over the last decade, he has been particularly interested in the clothing of the 1930’s through the 1950’s. Due to his persistence, he now owns a respectable collection of vintage clothing from that time period. For Moritz, the idea of elegance and style does not only revolve around apparel. Instead, he understands style as living life in a stylish way. He writes with fountain pens, furnishes his apartment with Art Déco pieces and listens to period music. Apart from that, he enjoys pipes, cigars, and whiskey. In the future, Moritz aspires to establish a clothing brand for authentic 1940’s style men’s clothing. In the past, Moritz helped me a great deal in publishing the article about the Pendleton wool shirt and in the coming weeks, he will write about winter sport outfits from the 1920’s, the legendary Type A-2 Flight Jacket and the Eastman Leather Company. I welcome Moritz to the Gentleman’s Gazette and look forward to his informative articles – I am sure you will enjoy as much as I do.

Bresciani Argyle Socks

Bresciani Argyle Socks

Bresciani Argyle Socks

Now that it is colder once again,  thin cotton socks should be set aside to make space for warmer cashmere and wool socks. Will from A Suitable Wardrobe provided us with two pairs of argyle socks from Bresciani which come in a soft 90% merino wool and 10% Nylon blend. While most commercially available wool socks in the US have at least 35% of Nylon mixed in, some purists may prefer 100% wool. Now, Bresciani offers 100% wools socks and they are great, but the added 10% of Nylon should help to keep the socks in shape longer and also make them more durable. So, if you want to deviate from the sock boredom of plain black, grey and charcoal, you may want to invest $44 in some casual Argyle socks from Bresciani. They should keep you warm – in style.


Luxury Shoe Horn with Long 25″ Handle Handmade Fort Belvedere


Luxury Shoe Horn with 15″ Handle Handmade Fort Belvedere


Luxury Travel Shoe Horn Handmade Fort Belvedere


Tid Bit Tray Horn Handmade Fort Belvedere

Shoe Horns

If a pair of socks is not quite enough for a Christmas present, you might consider adding a shoe horn that is actually made out of real horn. We offer a travel shoe horn, a 15 inch version for putting on your shoes when you sit and a 25″ long version that is ideal to put on shoe while you stand. You won’t find a real shoe horn in that length anywhere else, usually they are quite a bit shorter. Priced at $25 $65, and $105 they make for unique gift. an unlike many other accessories, a soundly-made shoehorn is far more attractive, will last you a lifetime and you will enjoy it every day.