Morning Dress Guide Announcement

Morning Dress Guide Announcement

Dear readers, you may have noticed that we have not published any articles in the last few days. However, rest assured that we will continue with our (hopefully) daily coverage soon. It’s not that we were lazy or anything of that kind – in fact we had the opposite problem. During the last week we had to do some finishing work on a new project: the Morning Dress Guide.

Basically, it is a platform for anything concerning morning attire. We started with the morning coat and morning suit and will continue with the stroller suit and frock coat. The idea is to create a valuable resource for proper morning dress with in depth information, pictures and a Q&A section. Of course, such a project won’t be completed over night and we consider it to be an ongoing project.

Also, if you would like to contribute in any way, shape or form, please drop us a note and we will happily work with you. It really doesn’t matter whether it is just a picture of you wearing formal daywear, vintage top hats, or a full fledged article – we appreciate anything.

Now, we hope you will check it out soon! The best way to start is the introduction and then the article about the history of the morning coat. However, there are more than 30 others. So, enjoy and please let us know what you think, thanks!




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  1. Marcus Jochum says:

    Good morning 😉
    I’m really happy to hear that you have started this project. Looking forward to the articles! (I always enjoy your history lessons 😉 )
    Just for your information, in the past, when looking for information about morning dress, I found this site, but it’s been dead for some time…

    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      Dear Marcus,
      Of course, I know this guide, but as you said, it is dead and I have way more pictures, fashion illustrations and more detailed information. I will add a bibliography too in the near future…

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