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We recently introduced you to our newly created Morning Dress Guide. Unfortunately, many men do not know how to wear formal morningwear anymore, and while the guide provides great information, photographs and illustrations, pictures – from real people – sometimes say more than a thousand words. Since the concept behind our guide is to provide a platform for all things concerning morningwear, we created a Morning Dress Gallery where we encourage you to submit your pictures and share your views on the style! We believe it is a great way for our readers to discover inspiration for their own modern morning coat or stroller ensembles. At the same time, we will get a chance to see  the different kinds of morning dress worn around the globe.

Please take a look at the gallery and tell us what you think! We would love to see your picture there Simply email it to us or if you prefer, use facebook.

Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing your pictures.

John Tice in Stroller Sui with 8x4 Double Breasted Vest & Tartan Trousers

John Tice in Stroller Sui with 8×4 Double Breasted Vest & Tartan Trousers


Below, find two outfits from a pair of our readers:

Stroller Suit

First, let’s take a look at the Stroller Suit outfit on Mr. Tice. In the past, we wrote an article about the Stresemann / stroller suit and we are currently working on on a stroller extension for the guide, so stay tuned.

John is wearing a black jacket with a notched lapel (usually you will see a peaked lapel), a blue-white striped winchester shirt with a paisley tie, and a rare 8×4 double breasted waistcoat with a watch chain. His tartan trousers are particularly special.

Jonatham Ratheram with Mustache in Morning Coat & Double Breasted Vest

Jonatham Ratheram with Mustache in Morning Coat & Double Breasted Vest

This is something I have never seen before with morning dress, but it is certainly unique.

Morning Coat

Jonathan Ratheram from Great Britain sent us a picture of his graduation outfit. While graduates in the US wear mostly polyester gowns (which sounds as undignified as it looks), he opted for a classic morning coat ensemble.
It consists of a top hat, detachable collared shirt with silver-grey tie with a stick pin, monocle, double breasted vest and watch chain. Striped morning trousers, grey gloves, black boots and spats complete the look.
Clearly, Jonathan went for a vintage look with the monocle and the spats, but it is a perfectly suitable outfit for a wedding or Royal Ascot.
If you’d like to find out more about the general details of the morning coat, make sure to check out the Elements at the Morning Dress Guide.