Netousek Besopke Tailor Vienna

Netousek – Viennese Bespoke Tailor

Today, Vienna is still a bastion for bespoke craftsmen, especially shoemakers and tailors. Probably the most famous bespoke tailor of the Austrian capital is Knize.

Netousek Storefront

Netousek Storefront

However, there are a number of other tailors with a great tradition. One such tailor is Netousek, which is located in the Gumpendorferstrasse in the sixth district.

Netousek History

Originally, the tailor atelier was founded by Viktor Netousek in 1935, and in 1991, Thomas Netousek took over the family tailoring tradition. In their heyday, Netousek had 12 employees. Today, it is still family owned and run in third generation by Hans and Renate Netousek, with a workforce of only 4 people.

Old School Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke Coats And Shirt Collars

Bespoke Coats And Shirt Collars

Netousek is not one of these fancy looking made to measure establishments, but rather it is a classicly-oriented tailoring shop with a focus on high quality craftsmanship, great customer service, and a proper fabric selection. Just like most true bespoke tailors, they see themselves as craftsmen, not just designers.

The third generation family business specializes in hand-tailored bespoke garments for gentlemen, including Austrian business men, politicians and aristocracy. Aside from a selection of sportcoats, overcoats, shirts and a few accessories, they also design the most exquisite ball gowns for ladies!

Part of Netousek’s old world charm is the traditional reliance upon customer satisfaction and word of mouth, rather than advertising, to obtain new clients.

Despite being a classic bespoke tailor, Netousek also offers a MTM service for more price-conscious customers.

Netousek Atelier

Netousek Atelier

The Style

Netousek’s house style is rather Austro-Hungarian in the sense that it is balanced and not too snug with round, soft, natural shoulders. Apart from the usual business garments, Netousek also offers traditional Austrian Tracht custom clothing in Loden fabric.

Video: How To Make A Bespoke Coat

In the following, you can watch this 6-minute video showing how a bespoke coat from Netousek is made. Enjoy!

Hans und Renate Netousek OEG
Gumpendorfer Str 17
1060 Wien
Tel.: +43 1 5874549
Hours: MonFri 7:30am – 6pm   Sat 9am – noon
Picture credit shopikon.