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NEW Fort Belvedere Accessories – Pocket Squares, Bow Ties, Ties…

Over the last couple of  days, we posted new Fort Belvedere Spring Summer Accessories to the Gentleman’s Gazette Shop, and today I would like to show you some pictures of our NEW ARRIVALS. No matter if you are looking for fresh colors in ties, bow ties or pocket squares, we got you covered. In the past, we always focused on providing you with exquisite items that you cannot find anywhere else, and that’s what we did again.

We offer bow ties in linen, wool, mohair-linen blends, printed foulard silk, woven jacquard silk, Real Ancient Madder silk, wool challis etc. Also, we added some new English silk pocket squares as well as textured linen and wool-linen blend squares to our collection. As always, we paid particular attention to the size of each square because each material is different and comes in different thicknesses and weaves, and so each pocket square should be differently sized so it looks great when it is folded in your chest pocket. Most manufacturers determine the size of their squares by the width of the fabric. So if it the silk fabric 100 cm wide, they cut 9 pocket squares with a size of 33 cm x 33cm per square out of one meter of fabric. At Fort Belvedere we know that these pocket squares are too small to be used because they always disappear in your pocket and so we make them bigger and only get 4 pocket squares in the right size our of every meter. So obviously our yield is less than 50%, and we use more silk in our squares  but at the same time you receive a pocket square that looks great, and you don’t have to worry about how it looks all day.

This same level of attention to detail goes into all of our products, and unlike others we design them from scratch and actually test them before we sell them so we can make sure everything works reliably. As a consequence, we have a return rate of under 2% which is 85% under the industry average. If you like to learn more about why I started Fort Belvedere and what I want to achieve with the brand, take a look here.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the products. Of course, it would have been too much to actually to post pictures of every new item we stock, and hence this is just a small selection of items. If you would like to see more pictures, click here.

Finest Men’s Accessories by Fort Belvedere

How a Few Accessories Can Change The Look Of An Outfit

Many men find it difficult to combine the right accessories with their shirts and suits, and they invest heavily in expensive garments of the same colors and at the end of the day, they only have 3 or 4 different looks. On the other hand, if you just have one of two suits but you change up the accessories, you have to invest less, you are able to create manifold looks that look very different from one another.


Silk Tie in Red Jacquard with Micropattern Diamonds – Fort Belvedere


Hydrangea Silk Petals Boutonniere Buttonhole Flower Silk Fort Belvedere


Silk Pocket Square in Green with Orange Large Paisley Pattern- Fort Belvedere


White Carnation Boutonniere Life Size Lapel Flower – Fort Belvedere


Silk Pocket Square in Light Blue with Small & Large Paisley – Fort Belvedere


Silk Tie in Green Jacquard Micropattern – Fort Belvedere


Pocket Square in Light Blue Textured Linen – Fort Belvedere

The key to creating an outfit is to use accessories, that are not identical, but in harmony with each other while providing a bit of contrast. Also, your shirt and suit should not have a similar or same size pattern. To start, keep the same shirt and suit and set them aside. Now, just experiment with different accessories.

Below you can see a selection of items that have something in common – usually a base color like blue, green or red. In order to add unique character to an outfit you intentionally go for different textures and materials for neckwear and pocket square.

When it comes to bow ties, different shapes create a different knot and hence look. You always want to make sure not to tie too symmetrical because otherwise it looks like a cheap pretied bow tie. Elegant men have always tied their own bow tie, which provides them with a unique, nonchalant look.

Once you have settled on a piece of neckwear and pocket square, play around with different pocket square folds. Bear in mind it should always look like you just put in without having given it too much thought.

If you want to, you can now add a boutonniere. We recommend either a fresh one or if that’s not available, one made of silk that looks authentic, like the ones from Fort Belvedere but always avoid flowers in leather, or tie fabric because it simply looks phony.

Fort Belvedere Accessories - How to Combine Pocket Square and Tie or Bow Tie
Article Name
Fort Belvedere Accessories - How to Combine Pocket Square and Tie or Bow Tie
Quick guide with many pictures of how to create a unique outfit in a few steps using Fort Belvedere bow ties, ties, boutonnieres & pocket squares.
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  1. Landon says:

    Hello gentlemen’s gazette! I enjoy your articles very much.
    When it comes to combing a flower lapel pin to your wardrobe, how do you when it “fits” your combination. I learnt a lot by reading your articles.
    Are there any particular “suit laws” I should follow when it comes to these topics?

    Landon G


    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      Landon, it depends on many factors, such as your surrounding, your profession, your office, your style etc. If you are in a casual environment, maybe start out with a blazer, shirt and boutonniere. Once you are more advanced combine a tie or bow tie with boutonniere or pocket square, and once you are comfortable and confident, try to wear all three together.

  2. Daniel Gerson says:

    In design school there is a very basic rule you are taught right from the start. Never exceed 3!

    As a result, you can only have 3 different chromatic colors in one composition. These may be combined with the “3” achromatic colors (black – grey – white) and a maximum of 3 different textures. Any excess of color or texture will make the composition too busy and eventually look cluttered, unresolved and comical.

    You also have to take note of the fact that your brain forces colors to interact with eachother. A bright red tie on a plain white shirt will make the shirt appear to have a faint green tint as your brain will mix the achromatic white with the complementary color of red, which is green.

    On a somewhat similar note, out of the three colors blue, yellow and red, you do not want to mix yellow and red as the resulting complementary colors mixing in with either yellow or red (depends which is greater in surface) result in a rather unpleasent shading.

    There is also the effect that shadows can have on the color perception. A flat red surface hit by a shadow will result in two shades of red max., but take a pocket square that is either puffed or peaked and the three-dimensionality will result in a multiplication of the effect and you end up with 5 or 6 shades of red. It may only be a gradient effect, but one you should still be aware of.

    Speaking of gradients, they are the only way to, appart from clever exploitation of the complementory color effect, to represent different shades of one color in a composition. You just can’t have say two shades of orange seperated by a different color in the same composition as your brain will immediatly notice that they are of a different shade and therefor stand-out as odd.

    Your shoes and wristwatch are also contributing their color(s) and textures to the rule of three, let alone the fact that you also have to keep your skintone and hair color in mind.

    Therefor, the outfit presented on the right of the header gets my vote as it is the closest one to adhere to these rules.

  3. BRENT SMITH says:

    Dear Mr Schneider,

    You need to know that the grey backgrounds you use make the text almost impossible to read.
    It has become so tiresome that I can hardly be bothered doing so since the change from simple black on white.
    I would look into this, for I would dearly like to continue following your posts, but without the need for all the effort.

    Yours sincerely,

    Brent Smith.

  4. joannapaul says:

    The new tie shapes are all the more attractive and seems to be something unique. Moreover the silk red bow tie is all the more elegant and can simply match a tux well.

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