NiAlma Shirt Review No. 2

NiAlma Shirt Review No. 2

Back in June, we reviewed a NiAlma shirt or better said, two shirts. As previously mentioned, neither of these shirts were satisfactory. Following our article, Stuart from NiAlma apologized for the continuous mishaps and sent me another shirt, which I will review today.


This time, we chose a medium weight Thomas Mason fabric from their middle price range, in a light blue pinpoint pattern.


Stuart shared that they were switching suppliers, and in fact, the new shirt was different in a number of ways.


The seams on the new shirt have a much higher stitch density than the old ones, which is good. With a tightly woven fabric, more stitches per inch are desirable.  The French side seams are a little wider than before and show quite a bit of wrinkling.

The way the sides are cut and sewn clearly show it was made at a different facility than the previous shirts.

Buttons & Buttonholes

The old shirts featured flat and thin (English style) mother of pearl buttons, whereas the new shirt has thicker 3mm plastic buttons – not an improvement, in my opinion.

The buttonholes are longer and stitched with a different machine, which makes them look more elegant. Last time I ordered 2-button barrel cuffs, but this time I went with double cuffs. I wore the shirt a number of times with chain cufflinks, which are more hard wearing on the buttonholes than plain T-bar cufflinks. Unfortunately, one buttonhole on the cuff is already fraying from wear. That’s rather disappointing, because otherwise, the buttonholes looked in all respects to be superior.

Spread Collar with Rounded Edges - Nor Quite a Club Collar

Spread Collar with Rounded Edges – Nor Quite a Club Collar

Interlinings & Collar

Fortunately, NiAlma offers a great variety of interlinigns, including stiff, medium stiff, soft and unlined. While the interlinings in the first two shirts were fine, the new version is even better: soft but not sloppy, and crisp enough to create a decent look. I ordered medium stiff interlinings and I am way happier this time around.

While I ordered button down collars previously, I opted for their standard club collar and I have to say I am not impressed with it. It is basically a regular spread collar with rounded corners and as such, it is not really a proper club collar.


While the second shirt from the first review was simply too tight, the fit of this shirt is considerably improved. It was wider overall, but I do not mind that.  A well fitted shirt should have a bit of room for added comfort and fluctuations in weight.

Side & Sleeve Seam from the Inside

Side & Sleeve Seam from the Inside


Overall, this shirt is much improved over the previous two. The interlining, fit and seams are better, while the collar and the durability of the buttonholes are the shirts weak points. Above all, it seems like Stuart’s service is very good, and while things went wrong, and took a long time, Stuart always did his best to fix the issues at hand. So if you are looking for a MTM shirt provider with a good product, customer centric service and you are not in a rush, NiAlma might be a great option for you.

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