Gentleman's Gazette Noteworthy


From now on, we will occasionally report all kinds of noteworthy things we come across that are too short for an article but nevertheless deserve to be mentioned.

Unabashedly Prep – new blog is a new blog that focuses on everything preppy or related to the Ivy-League Style. You can find a lot of pictures there from various decades, showing typical prep features or read illustrated product reports about deck shoes, colorful accessories or peacoats.

Alan Flusser – New edition of Style and the Man

On May 11, Alan Flusser’s new edition of Style and the Man will be available. While the first edition contained about 400 pages, the new edition has shrunk to 160 pages, owing to the omission of the shopping guide. What’s left is a slim guide book, which is updated in some areas without deviating from the basic information provided in the original.  At only a few bucks on, it is a budget-friendly alternative to the more comprehensive Dressing the Man for students or young professionals.