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Noteworthy – A. Caraceni, Men’s Ex, Tom Wolfe, Take Ivy

A. Caraceni – with new website

The famous A. Caraceni tailor shop has just recently launched its new website . At this time, it is in Italian only. Maybe in the future, there will be an English version as well.

The history of the Caracenis can be quite confusing, since there were so many great tailors bearing this name. Therefore, I want to tell you a little bit about this family.

The Caracenis had been a tailoring family for a few generations when Tommaso Caraceni from Ortona a Mare taught his craft to his sons, Domenico, Galliano and Augusto. Probably the most famous one, Domenico, founded his tailor shop in 1913 in Rome. About two years later, he was drafted and had to close it down. When he came back from the war, he was blind, and only a risky operation enabled him to see again. In the following years, Domenico opened his main shop in 1926 at Via Boncompagni 21 in Rome, and later branches in Milan, Naples and Paris. Before his death in 1940, Augusto Caraceni had opened a store in Paris under his own name, and within five years, he had become the most highly sought after tailor in Paris. Due to WWII, Augusto returned to Rome in 1940 just like his brother Galliano.

Mario Caraceni, Carlo & Massimiliano Andreacchio

Mario Caraceni, Carlo & Massimiliano Andreacchio

In 1946, Augusto Caraceni opened his own shop at Via Fatebenefratelli 16 in Milan. Currently, his son Mario Caraceni runs the business together with his son-in-law Carlo Andreacchio and his grandson Massimiliano Andreacchio Caraceni. To this day, they still make suits at same premises under the name “A. Caraceni”.

Galliano’s sons Tommy and Giulio left their father’s shop at Via Boncompagni 21 in 1963 and opened their own shop at Via Campania in Rome.

Occasionally, you will see the Domenico Caraceni Label – which is not really a Caraceni business anymore because it is now owned by Gianni Campagna.

GQ Italia had an article about A. Caraceni in March 2010 and Ferdinando Caraceni bears the same last name but is in fact from a different Caraceni family.

V. Fatebenefratelli 16
Tel. 026551972
Image: © 2010 Carlo Furgeri Gilbert

Men’s Ex – July 2010

As always, the July Men’s Ex has a bunch of interesting pictures. I wish I could read Japanese, or even better, I wish the English speaking world would have magazines like this! We wrote an article about the gentleman on the bottom right of the cover: Ignatious Joesph.

Tom Wolfe: Author and Dandy

The Selvedge Yard has a great article and interview with Tom Wolfe which you might be interested in.

An older interview from 2006 can be found here.

This is a video interview with Tom Wolfe by TIME Magazine:

Take Ivy

The book Take Ivy by Japanese photographer Teruyoshi Hayashida, was originally published in 1965. Until recently, prep fans all over the world coveted this rare book, sometimes paying well over $1000 for it.

Now, it has been reissued and translated into English. Moreover, it is now available on amazon.

# Hardcover: 142 pages
# Publisher: pH Books (August 31, 2010)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 1576875504
# ISBN-13: 978-1576875506

For a preview, visit the publisher powerHouse books from Brooklyn, NY that also issued some screenshots as well as a short video.

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