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Noteworthy – Inner City Style, A tailor made it, Winslow…

Today, we would like to present a small overview of noteworthy blogs and links in the world of men’s clothing and accessories that you might not have heard about yet.


Jules Radermacher Bespoke Tailor Germany

Jules Radermacher Bespoke Tailor Germany


First, I want to introduce you to Inner City Style – a marvelous picture blog run by Mike; he takes pictures of noteworthy outfits and stores mostly in the area of Düsseldorf, Germany. While you will mainly find pictures of people on the street, you can also find awesome picture series like one that covers Düsseldorf’s most well known bespoke tailor Heinz-Josef Radermacher (you can find pictures of Radermacher in Bernhard Roetzel’s first edition of the Gentleman book on page 62) or the portrait of Chelsea Farmer’s Club, a store for British influenced clothing & accessories.

For inspiration and high quality pictures, you should regularly stop by at INNER CITY STYLE.

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A tailor made it

Secondly, A tailor made it deserves to be mentioned. It is a most interesting blog about custom tailoring with an emphasis on men’s clothing written by Terri, a Canadian theatrical costume cutter & tailor.

At regular intervals she provides technical insights and pictures of custom made garments, patterns, construction and occasionally vintage clothes.

It really pays to scroll through the archives as there are some real treasures to discover – like this reproduction of a 1953 Military topcoat.

Everybody who is interested in tailoring might find something interesting at A tailor made it.

Winslow traditionally styled

Earlier this year, Winslow traditionally styled entered the blogosphere. Editor Mark Rood is based in Cleveland, Ohio and writes about blazers, suits, tweed etc. providing the occasional video as well as insights to his style.

Other than pictures of his acquisitions he also reveals hidden local gems like Cuffs providing a nice picture series.

Everybody who likes a classic, American style will probably like Winslow.

Mister Crew

Finally, I want to talk a little bit about Mister Crew. In a nutshell, it is probably best described as “A collection of things on men’s clothing and culture”. Based in Seattle, WA editor R.A. Schenck continually writes about interesting brands, products & events ranging from a simple picture of his desk (his initial post), over nice pocket watches from ebay to picture series from a Polo game in the 30s.

Everybody who likes short but still good articles should take a look at Mister Crew.