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Panta Clothing – Six Fold Tie

A few weeks ago, we received two complimentary ties from Panta Clothing, which is a New York City based manufacturer of men’s clothing such as ties, scarfs and trousers. While all Panta clothing items are 100% produced in the US, owner Ed Morel imports the pants fabrics predominantly from Italy and the tie silks and wools from England.

Panta Clothing Tie Construction & Workmanship

Most Panta Ties come completely unlined and untipped. This makes for a very soft tie which is it great for casual outfits. Since all Panta ties are made with six-fold construction,  it requires about twice as much fabric as a typical tie. Each tie is hand-sewn, notably at the inner seam for flexibility and neatly finished edges.

The ties we received measured in at 146 cm in length, which is rather long. Tied with a four-in-hand knot, they were too long for me. (I am a little over 6 ft tall with and have a rather long torso). Hence, knots that were slightly larger yielded a better length for me. In case you are shorter, a half- Windsor or knots

similar in size might work help you achieve a more suitable length. Regarding the width, our grayish blue grenadine tie measured 8 cm, whereas the rust cashmere tie was 9 cm wide.

The cashmere tie is extremely soft and completely unlined, just look at the details in the close up pictures. Naturally, the silk grenadine tie was not as soft to the touch and had a very thin lining which gave the tie ever so slightly more weight and structure. The details were equally as nice as on the cashmere tie. The handrolled edges were average but not as fine as the ones from Fort Belvedere.

Where to Buy Panta Ties

Grenadine Silk Tie

Grenadine Silk Tie

Panta Ties are currently priced at $99, including worldwide shipping. Considering the high quality of the fabrics used, the neat, hand-made construction, and the fact that you simply cannot find completely unlined ties around every corner, this is a good value in my opinion.

In order to buy Panta Clothing products such as ties, pants, scarves etc., it is probably best to contact Ed Morel  directly by email at . The Panta Clothing website is not online yet but in the future you will be able to purchase your products there. In case you would like to take a peek at his pants, please look here.




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  1. GSAsilks says:

    There is no such thing as a 6-fold tie. It is a physical impossibility, i know this because i’m a tie maker (there are 3-fold, 5-fold, and 7-folds only– see a pattern?) Whomever is making this tie is giving you imcorrect info.

    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      Dear GSA Silks, thanks for your comment. I have heard people saying that before about “seven-fold ties.” Often times, a seven fold tie is unlined (no interlining) with actual seven folds. Some people like this unlined version, although wrinkles are more prone to stay in the tie.
      However, there are also seven-fold ties that are lined and in fact a six fold tie. The advantage is, that it look like a true seven fold tie but due to the wool interlining, the tie will recover much better after wear.

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