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Dark Magenta Purple Lotus Flower Silk Boutonniere Lapel Pin Flower - Fort Belvedere
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- Hand dyed silk petals in Magenta
- Made in Germany
- Size: medium about 1.75" - 4.5 cm diameter
- Looks like a real mini Lotus

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What you need to know

The Boutonniere

A boutonniere is the epitome of elegance in menswear or more simply spoken: the icing on the cake. Superbly dressed gentlemen including royals, politicians and silver screen stars such as the Duke of Windsor Prince Charles, JFK, Douglas Fairbanks or Fred Astaire wore them with grace and even decades after their death they are still admires for their elegance & taste in dress.

Although particularly popular at weddings, the lapel buttonhole flower is perfectly suitable for daywear in summer & winter with suits, sport coats & morning dress as well as in the evening with velvet jacket, tuxedo & tailcoat.

Fresh boutonnieres are beautiful but wilt easily and are difficult to find. In order to change that, Fort Belvedere developed a number of boutonnieres that are finely crafted by hand to look as authentic as the original. Moreover, it will never wilt and always looks as if it was just freshly cut!

Dark Magenta Lotus Boutonniere

The Lotus flower, also known as Indian lotus, Nelumbo nucifera sacred lotus or bean of India can range in size and color considerably. In order to be able to wear it on your lapel, we downsized it so it looks proportional and not overwhelming.  The Lotus flower symbolizes the rising from a dark place into beauty and rebirth. That makes perfect sense, as this is exactly how a lotus flower grows: out of muddy and murky waters which results into a beautiful blossom. Therefore, Fort Belvedere created a

Unlike the typical white and pink version you can often see in nature, we decided to go with the rare dark Magenta Lotus flower which we encountered on a trip to Asia. Skilled florists assemble the petals so they get the rounded shape that is so typical for a Lotus.

A Lotus makes for a great companion to an overcoat, suit or sport coat and because of it's dark color with yellow center it is very versatile and will pair well with almost anything in your wardrobe.  

What is so special about the Fort Belvedere dark magenta Lotus boutonniere?

  1. It is entirely made by hand of custom colored & hand-dyed silk petals
  2. Authentic look - most manmade boutonnieres look fake from 10 yards away and even more so up-close. Fort Belvedere boutonnieres, were modeled after existing flowers with great attention to detail in order to recreate a natural, authentic look. We tested them and people always thought they were real.
  3. Made to be worn through the buttonhole - nothing looks more disgraceful than a boutonniere pinned to the lapel with a safety pin. Fortunately, these boutonnieres are designed just like real flowers to be worn through the buttonhole of your lapel.
  4. Size & proportion - often, inexpensive pin on boutonnieres are gigantic and simply overwhelming. Men of taste have always opted for smaller sized boutonnieres that allow you to wear a pocket square as well without looking overloaded.
  5. Threaded Wire Stem - the threaded wire stem provides you with some flexibility just like on a real flower, which allows you to adjust the blossom the your taste.
  6. Enduring investment - unlike real flowers, Fort Belvedere boutonnieres will look the same for years to come if you don't abuse them.
  7. All boutonnieres come in the Fort Belvedere green signature gift box,  which also serves as a great storage device.

How to Store This Dark Magenta Lotus Boutonniere?

Just keep them in the Fort Belvedere gift box when you are finished wearing it and it will be fine. Also make sure not to bend the wire incessantly to prevent it from breaking apart.

How to Wear this Boutonniere Through the Buttonhole?

Ideally, your jacket should have a stem keeper. We explained here how you can make one and how a boutonniere should be worn.


If you have any questions or need help with choosing a scarf for yourself or a loved one, please get in touch with us, we are always happy to help you. 

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