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Black Bow Tie in Silk Velvet Sized Self-Tie Butterfly - Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere black-bow-tie-silk-velvet-sized-butterfly

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- 100% Luxurious Italian silk velvet
- Self-Tie Bow Tie
- Made by Hand in England
- Fixed Sizing - Choose same size as your shirt collar
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box
ANY 3 BOW TIES for $240
ANY 6 BOW TIES for $460

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What you need to know

Sizing: Note, if your neck measures 16", chose a 16.5 sized bow tie because it is so thick!

The black bow tie is not just the namesake of the Black Tie Dress Code but also the most important piece of the tuxedo or dinner jacket ensemble.

This Fort Belvedere Black Silk Velvet Bow Tie is the choice for men who like to give their velvet dinner jackets or regular tuxedos a unique look. Generally, most velvet bow ties are made of viscose or cotton and they come pre-tied. We decided to source the most luxurious silk velvet money can buy because it sparkles more beautifully in the evening light. 

Also just like all of our other bow ties, these had to be self-tie, which was quite difficult to achieve, until we found a little operation in England that could still create these bow ties despite the thick sumptuous silk velvet fabric.

If you are looking for a special black bow tie, look no further than this one.

What makes this Velvet Bow Tie so special?

1. One Of A Kind Silk Velvet- Fort Belvedere sources the luxurious silk velvet from Italy. We tested various compositions ranging from all silk to all cotton and a silk velvet with some addition of cotton yieled the best combination of luxurious looks, sumptuous feel and durability. It is extremely difficult to find silk velvet these days as it is very expensive. Thus viscose and cotton are used instead. This is truly a one of a kind velvet that is rich and thick and the light sparkles are magnificent especially in the evening.

2. Handmade - This bow tie is entirely made by hand with a special cotton interlining that enhances the softness of the material as well as the shape. Because this silk velvet is so thick and of high quality, it is difficult to create self bow ties out of it without destroying them because they are sewn inside out. We were able to locate skilled artisans in England who are now sewing these bow ties for us.

3. Self Tie Bow tie - Self-tie bow ties separate the gentlemen from the boys. It is essential that you know how to tie your own bow tie. As mentioned before, you will not find many self-tie velvet bow tie on the planet, let alone silk velvet ones.

4. Fixed Size - It is very rare to find fixed sized bow ties today especially the ones that are made from a solid piece of fabric in the back, which is essential for (detachable) wing collars because you never want any clasps showing in public. Likewise, it also looks and feels better with a turndown collar. In short, a fixed size black bow tie is the way to go for gentlemen. How To find the right size? Measure your neck and buy the next half-size up because the fabric is so much thicker than with our regular bow ties.

5. Sophisticated Shape - This Butterfly Bow Tie will have dimensions of approx. 4.75" by 2.5" or 12 cm by 6.5 cm.

Black Silk Velvet Bow Tie Style Tips

A bow tie should never be tied to look perfectly symmetrical because it would look too much like a pre-tied cheap version, and who wants to look cheap? Instead, you should tie your black bow tie with a bit of wit, nonchalance or sprezzatura, meaning intentionally off-kilter with one end a little longer than the other, one side higher than the other, or a tight or a loose knot to achieve bow tie perfection.

Most bow ties suffer from poor interlining and the same boring two shapes - not so Fort Belvedere bow ties. Inspired by the glorious 1930's, this classic evening bow tie shape is one of those small details that sets the gentleman apart from the boys. It is large enough, yet not overly big, so it suits any face. This black velvet bow tie works well with all kinds of tuxedos with a faille or grosgrain lapel, especially the ones with a wide rib on a midnight blue or black tuxedo, white or off-white shirt, studs or no studs, vest or cummerbund. Of course, it is also the perfect companion for velvet dinner jackets.

Make sure to wear a boutonniere with your lack bow tie and tuxedo. Traditionally men wear roses and carnations with evening ensembles.

How to Store This Black Silk Velvet Bow Tie

Simply untie your bow tie just like you would untie your shoes. Store it hanging or laying flat, it is up to you. 

Signature Green Gift Box

This bow tie comes in heavy Fort Belvedere box, perfect unadorned for a gift box, storage or travel.


If you have questions or need style advice in choosing a bow tie for yourself or someone else, let us know, we are happy to help.


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