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Houndstooth Silk Bourette Bow Tie Dark Brown Beige - Fort Belvedere
Fort Belvedere 4054956017793

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- 100% Italian Bourette Silk
- Large Houndstooth Pattern
- Made by hand
- Adjustable size
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box
ANY 3 BOW TIES get $45 off
ANY 6 BOW TIES get $120 off

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What you need to know

Houndstooth bow ties, also know as Dogtooth or Pepita are a staple in a classic men's wardrobe. 

Fort Belvedere redesigned the classic houndstooth bow tie, by using a richly textured bourette silk combining it with burugndy and cream so you can look dapper no matter if you wear a navy or charcoal suit or a brown or green Donegal tweed jacket 

What makes this Bourette Houndstooth Silk Bow Tie in Dark Brown & Beige so special?

1. Fabric. The bourette silk used for this tie has character and strong texture that is somewhat similar, yet different than shantung. Naturally, silk has different thicknesses and for bourette, it is desirable to have distinctly different yarns so you get a wonderful texture. 

We had it woven in a slightly oversized houndstooth that works well with all striped, Glencheck, solid or pinpoint and needle head suit patterns. 

The classic colors of Dark Brown & Beige are tied together with a dark contrast and produce a unique and sophisticated look.

The thickness of the fabric results in a nice, full bow tie knot.

2. Classic Pattern Reinvented. While traditional houndstooth, dogtooth or pepita ties and either printed or jacquard woven in a smaller pattern, this bourette silk necktie adds a lot more character and texture not matter whether it is paired with a business suit, sport coat or casual tweed jacket.

3. Handmade & Adjustable. This bow tie is hand made and adjustable to your neck size and one size fits it all.

Houndstooth, Dogtooth, Pepita Bow Tie Style Tips

This bow tie was made to be worn with all sorts of casual or country outfits as well as brown, green garments as well as informal flannel and tweed suits. It is not a classic business tie. If you are looking for that, opt for a Burgundy or Bottle Green Houndstooth tie. For something that is likewise casual but also suitable for a navy suit, check out the navy blue and beige houndstooth tie. , without loosing much contrast. While blue and white ties often do not work with casual

This pepita bow tie has a large houndstooth pattern and pairs beautifully with casual autumn / fall winter colors of bottle green, burnt orange, rust red and brown and anything else fall winter inspired. However, you can also wear it with a tobacco brown or off-white linen suit during the warmer months of the year. It can be worn with white shirts, but it pairs better with light blue, ecro or other pastel shades. this tie harmonizes

If you like to wear blazers or sport coat combinations, this tie is a perfect companion because the colors and patterns are classic, but the size of the pattern as well as the bourette texture are unique and provide you with a timeless, yet young dynamic look.

How to Store This Bow Tie

Begin by untying the knot pulling on the single ends on either side at the same time. Afterwards, store it in the giftbox of hanging on a rack. 

Signature Green Gift Box

This silk tie comes in a heavy Fort Belvedere gift box.


If you have any questions, about tie sizes, or if you need help choosing a tie for yourself or if you want to buy it as a gift, please get in touch with us, we are more than happy to help you.

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