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Silk Bow Tie in Navy Blue with White Jacquard Stripes - Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere 4054956005318

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- 100% White striped Jacquard silk in navy blue
- Fabric made in Italy
- Made by hand
- Adjustable size - fits all necks
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box
ANY 3 BOW TIES for $210
ANY 6 BOW TIES for $390

What you need to know

This jacquard navy blue bow tie with white strips has a lot of texture and the blue is made of different shades of blue yielding an exceptional depth of color and marvelous texture. The classic Batswing shape results into a bigger knot, and a classic look.

What makes this navy Bow Tie with white stripes so special?

1. Fort Belvedere sources the stunning striped jacquard silk from a small Italian mill.

2. This bow tie is entirely made by hand with a special cotton interlining, resulting in a crisp look and soft feel.

3. The ends are straight and the shape is a classic batswing.

4. It's easily adjusted to any size, with a simple yet secure mechanism.

5. The tied batswing bow ties in navy and blue will have dimensions of approx. 5" by 1.75" or 12.5 cm by 4.75 cm.

Batswing White Striped Bow Tie in Navy Blue Style Tips

Ideally, a bow tie should never be tied to look perfectly symmetrical. because it would look too much like a pre-tied cheap version, and who wants to look cheap? Instead, you should tie your bow tie with a bit of nonchalance or sprezzatura, meaning intentionally off kilter with one end a little longer than the other, one side higher than the other, or a tight or a loose knot to achieve bow tie perfection. One of the great bow tie wearers was Winston Churchill and he always wore a very debonair, slightly askew bow tie and often a navy version with large white polka dots.. Most modern bow ties suffer from poor interlining and boring shapes - not so with this Fort Belvedere bow tie. Inspired by the 1930's, this batswing bow tie shape is a little bigger than our butterfly version but still proportional in size, so you can wear this bow tie with confidence for years to come. Just like the Polka Dot bow ties, these striped jacquard bows are very versatile and go with almost anything ranging from the classic business suit over a casual sportcoat ensemble to a stroller suit or a wedding.


How to Store This Bow Tie

Simply untie your bow tie just like you would untie your shoes. Store it hanging or laying flat, it is up to you. 

Signature Green Gift Box

This bow tie comes in heavy Fort Belvedere box, perfect unadorned for a gift box, storage or travel.


If you have questions, or need style advice in choosing a bow tie for yourself or someone else, let us know, we are happy to help.

SKU: 4054956005318