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Luxury Travel Shoe Horn Handmade Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere 4054956004007

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- 100% water buffalo horn
- Made by hand
- Pocket sized for travels
Fits in every pocket, bag or briefcase
- Protects your shoes

What you need to know

The travel length shoe horn by Fort Belvedere measures approximately 4.5" long and is designed to fit into every pocket or bag, so you can always bring it with you. The rounded corners and feel of the water buffalo horn will ensure you don't destroy your precious shoes when traveling at the airport or if you buy shoes.

What is so Special about the Fort Belvedere 4.5" Long Handle Luxury shoe horn?

Fort Belvedere use the best quality horn, which comes from India. These shoe horns are carved by hand, and as such, no two horns are exactly alike the other and each piece is unique in grain and coloration. If you own good shoes, a proper shoe horn is essential to protecting your investment. Regular shoe horns are too bulky to bring when you travel but this rounded travel shoe horn adds no bulk at all and fits into every pocket. Without the assistance of a shoe horn, you can quickly ruin your shoe by stepping on the heel.

A Shoe Horn for Every Preference

If you prefer to stand when putting on your shoes, Fort Belvedere makes a longer, shoe horn from the same material.

If you sit when putting on your shoes, Fort Belvedere designed a 15" long medium length shoe horn that is just perfect for that purpose.

SKU: 4054956004007