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Black and Red Peccary Gloves Cashmere Lined Waterproof - Fort Belvedere
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- Handmade in 8h in the EU
- Marshmallow Soft HydroPeccary leather
- Italian Cashmere lining
-Traditional button closure
-water-resistant & get softer with age

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What you need to know

For sizing information, see the picture with the hand below and watch our video. Note, Peccary leather is the finest glove leather available and harvested from wild animals. As such little scuffs and marks on the leather are not a defect, but much rather a sign of quality & genuine wild origin.

Black Gloves

Black gloves are probably the most popular glove color on the market today. During the heyday of classic menswear in the 1930s, black gloves were not quite popular yet. Instead, beige, yellow, gray and brown gloves with button closures (often hand stitched) would have been the gloves of choice.

To counter such tristesse in the modern glove world, Fort Belvedere offers gloves that combine functional fit, artisanal craftsmanship, innovative materials and comfort for the ultimate glove experience in all these traditional colors. 

However, it was also time to offer an unusual black glove, so we decided to add black peccary gloves with red contrast leather elements as well as red contrast stitching. 

What Makes these Black & Red Fort Belvedere Peccary gloves so special?

1. HydroPeccary™ Leather - World's 1st Water-resistant Peccary Leather

In the past we have offered grey gloves made of peccary leather, which is derived from the peccary animal, which is part of the pig family. The best quality hides come from wild animals in Peru, where they are harvested under strict CITES regulations. Since the animals are wild,  little scuffs and marks in the leather are not a defect, but much rather a sign of quality and wild origin. Genuine peccary is identified by characteristic 3-prong pores that you won't find in other leathers

Peccary Leather Gets Better With Age

Peccary leather has always been praised as the best leather for gloves due to its extraordinary characteristics. It is both incredibly durable while being supple and soft. While a hand-sewn seam can rip under extreme conditions, the leather can be resewn over and over again and you will likely never be able to destroy peccary leather in the course of normal use. 

Although peccary leather is marshmallow soft from the start, it will get even softer and better with wear. 

So what is HydroPeccary™ & Why Is It Special? Waterproof, Stain Resistant, Yet Marshmellow Soft

If you stop getting better, you have stopped being great. That's the way we approach things at Fort Belvedere and so we want to create a peccary leather that was not only buttery soft but also functional for those cold winter days when you are out about in the snow or if you have to free your car from the ice. 

We also wanted to create a stain resistant black leather that would look truly black as most black peccary leathers are somewhat charcoal but never true black.

After testing multiple ways, we are very proud to introduce to you, the world's first HydroPeccary™ Leather. It resists all kinds of fluids whether it's water, coffee or even red wine! Please watch the video so you can see for yourself. 

Even though our peccary hides all come from wild Peruvian animals, the tanning was done in Germany by a family company with over 100 years of experience in tanning. The leather for these gloves was drum-dyed in order to retain it's natural softness, look and feel but also providing you with waterproof leather.

No other Peccary glove on the market has this particular characteristic and I am certain you will appreciate it as you wear your Fort Belvedere heirloom gloves.

Are These Black & Red Gloves Waterproof?

No, they are not like your rubber kitchen gloves. While our HydroPeccary™ leather blocks water, the gloves are handsewn, which means water can enter through the seams. However, due to our tight stitches, your hands should never get wet under normal conditions. Because of that, we like to call our gloves water-resistant, not waterproof. 

2. Hand Cut by Master Cutters - 100% Handmade

The art of glove cutting is a dying trade yet it is so important for peccary gloves because the skins are wild, and a cutter has to maximize the yield by cutting around holes and scars in the leather which every wild peccary skin has.

  • First, the skins are carefully dampened and powdered so they stretch more easily
  • Second, the master cutter examines each skin to determine how to cut the skin for the best yield.
  • All good glove leathers have a surprising amount of stretch in them. Cutting them the right way ensure a perfect fit for the glove later on. Only skilled master cutters get this right, and we are glad to be working with Hungarian master cutters who have over 38 years of experience in hand-cutting gloves

3. Handsewn by Hungarian Glove Virtuosos

These Fort Belvedere HydroPeccary™ are handsewn by skilled Hungarian artisans. Every pair takes several hours to complete and our workers have great pride of their craft, and you can see that in every detail of the glove.

4. Handstitched Points

Most gloves have three simple points that are machine sewn. These Fort Belvedere gloves feature intricately hand-sewn points with contrast red thread that highlights the workmanship. It takes much longer, but looks better and for this kind of leather, it goes without saying that only the best workmanship is good enough.

5. Quirks For Increased Movement In Your Fingers

Quirks are the little triangular pieces of leather between your fingers that provide you with an extra range of movement. It takes much more time and skill to add those, but at Fort Belvedere we believe it would not do our HydroPeccary™ leather gloves justice if we didn't use those little extra pieces to enable you to move your fingers without restriction. Also, we made the quirks in contrasting black color in between the red fingers, so you can immediately recognize our gloves very easily.

6. Italian Cashmere Lining

When debating between Alpaca lining which is warmer and Cashmere lining, which is softer we decide to go with the softer lining because after all, these are not ski gloves meant to be worn at Antarctic expeditions but rather top notch dress gloves for an elegant gentleman. We opted for a mottled oatmeal color of cashmere that was sourced in China because that's where the best cashmere is harvested today. It was then spun, plied, finished and knitted in Italy in exactly the right glove size for maximum comfort.

7. Fort Belvedere Signature Contrast Details

These gloves have red trimming and fingers as well as contrast stitching which looks very pleasing on black. Like all Fort Belvedere leather gloves, we added a signature green button that identifies the gloves as a Fort Belvedere product. The beautiful handwork paired with teh contrast color makes these gloves stand out from the crowd.

8. Old-World Button Closure

Traditionally, gloves were closed with a button at the wrist, whereas today this feature has all but disappeared. Fort Belvedere reintroduces this classic feature, as a buttoned glove will hug the wrist and sit neatly under a coat sleeve. You can wear them in a classic manner or nonchalantly unbuttoned, with a touch of sprezzatura.

How to Combine Black & Red Gloves

Just like gray gloves, Black & Red peccary gloves can be combined with any kind of business outfit in black, grey, charcoal or navy. Because of the red contrast elements, it is a bit more casual and can even be worn with other colors such as brown or green.

We chose the colors so they would match our black and red wallet, manicure kit and business card case. The overall appearance is simply stunning when all of these things match!

Gift Box

These peccary gloves come to you in our Fort Belvedere Signature Green Gift Box.