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Burgundy Red Suede Unlined Leather Mens Gloves with Button by Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere burgundy-mens-gloves-lamb-suede-leather-unlined

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- Handmade in Hungary
- Touchscreen sensitive thumb & index finger
- Finest Italian Lamb Suede Glove Leather
- Unlined with Quirks & Button Closure
-Perfect for Fall/Autumn & Spring Outfits or Mild Winters

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What you need to know

For sizing information, see the picture with the hand below and watch the video.

Unlined Men's Gloves

During the heydays of classic men's clothing in the 1920s and 1930s, daywear gloves were part of a gentleman's wardrobe even in the spring, summer and fall/autumn season. Of course, a lining would have been to hot and so the gloves were unlined. Not only did that keep the wearer cooler but due the single layer of leather, the gloves looked much more elegant.

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to find unlined men's gloves these days, let alone some with a proper cut and fit in interesting colors. Therefore Fort Belvedere created unlined suede gloves with a unique cut and a button closure that separates you from all the other men in an understated yet noticeable way.

What Makes these Burgundy Fort Belvedere Suede Gloves So Special?

1. Top NotchSuede Leather - these gloves are made from exquisitely soft Italian Lamb Suede Glove Leather. Unlike other leathers, glove leather has to be flexible, and subtle. We use suede on the outside and inside in order to achieve the best comfort when wearing the gloves.

2. Perfect Fit & Elegance These gloves are hand cut and the sewn together by expert glove artisans. Unlike our handsewn gloves, which are a little bit bulkier because of the nature of hand-stitching, these ones are sewn by an artisan using a machine for the closest fit and elegant look. We also cut them a little shorter than our lined gloves so they look perfect with your black tie or white tie ensemble.

3. Button Closure. Back in the day, gloves were closed with a button and this is particularly important for evening gloves because it results in a tight fit on your wrist which looks supremely elegant. Of course, we keep it in the signature Fort Belvedere Green

4. Quirks. To increase the range of finger movement, only the very best glove makers add quirks to gloves, which are little diamonds of leather at the base between the fingers that allow free movement of fingers. To add a modern twist, Fort Belvedere had these quirks made in signature green leather. You will only ever glimpse it when you spread your fingers but it is a rare detail of superior craftsmanship and a perfect example for exceptional product design.

5. Unlined. To achieve the closest glove fit and most elegant look these gloves are unlined. Even a silk lining adds thickness, which yields into a bulkier look. Therefore Fort Belvedere Evening Gloves are always unlined.

6. Touch screen sensitive. Smartphones, iPads and touch screens are omnipresent in this day and age, and therefore we ensured that thumb and index finger on both hands work perfectly with touch screen and phones just like if you used your finger without a glove.

How to Combine Burgundy Gloves

You can wear these burgundy suede gloves with basically any casual outfit there is. They look great with browns, earth tones, yellow, blues, greens, reds, orange, charcoal, and gray. You can even pair them with a navy three-piece suit although, the blue gray or gray gloves are the better choice for that. 

No matter if you wear a combination with a sport coat or blazer in tweed, flannel, fresco or worsted these gloves will always elevate the way you look.

Perfect for autumn/fall and spring as well as winters in milder climates.

What Size To Chose?

To find the perfect size for your hand, please watch the video about glove sizes on this page.

Leather Maintenance

Once you wear the gloves make sure to stretch out the fingers and store them flat. Once a year, you can even iron them on low heat with a piece of cloth and they will look like new again. Leather naturally develops water stains if you get certain parts very wet for extended periods of time, while other parts remain dry.

If you encounter water stains, make the entire glove wet and let it air dry and the stains will be gone. White gloves get stained more easily than others, and we know that. You can clean your gloves, gently by hand and never in a machine. Always be gentle and don't use artificial cleansers. Just water and if at all, a mild baby shampoo or soap. Once washed, do not wring the gloves. Instead, pull them in shape and pad them try between a layer of towels. Afterward, let them air-dry and avoid any artificial heat from a radiator, hair dryer etc. 

Once completely dried, the gloves will feel stiffer at first, but once you wear them they will get soft again.


Should you have any questions about sizing, leather or styles, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

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