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Burgundy Touchscreen Dress Gloves Lamb Nappa Leather by Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere burgundy-touchscreen-gloves-lamb-nappa-cashmere

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- Handmade in Hungary
- Finest Italian Lamb Nappa Glove Leather
- Touchscreen sensitive on all 10 Fingers & Entire Glove
- Cashmere lining
-Traditional button closure

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What you need to know

For sizing information, see the picture with the hand below and watch our video.

Why Burgundy?

In the 1930s, no elegant, well-dressed man would have ever worn black gloves voluntarily because black is simply uninspiring and it doesn't combine well with many other colors. Instead, beige, yellow and Burgundy gloves with button closures were the number one choice. Today, it is almost impossible to find gloves in this quality anywhere and hence Fort Belvedere revived the tradition of making men's gloves in unusual colors with the same amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail as back in the day. The result is a stunning fit with a modern twist in the shape of Fort Belvedere green contrast piping and quirks.

What Makes these Fort Belvedere Lamb Nappa Touchscreen Gloves So Special?

1. Touchscreen Leather 

all of our Lamb Nappa gloves are made from the highest grade Italian glove leather. Unlike other leathers, this leather has to be flexible, subtle and our Fort Belvedere leather is exceptionally soft. The problem we had, was that they were not touch sensitive. So we tried to add special coatings on the inside of the leather after they were dyed and while some gloves had a somewhat decent touchscreen functionality, others didn't. Overall, the gloves were soft, but we wouldn't want to sell them as touchscreen sensitive.

10 Finger Touchscreen Gloves 

The best solution to this problem was to add a touchscreen enabling substance directly in the leather tanning and dyeing process. As a result, these Fort Belvedere glovesare as responsive as your finger, it is in fact quite impressive. Make sure to watch the video.

The only downside is that the leather is not as soft as our non-touchscreen lamb nappa gloves. Because of that we offer both versions

2. Hand Cut for the Perfect Fit & Elegance

These gloves are hand cut and handsewn by expert glove artisans in Hungary. Unlike our handsewn gloves, which are a little bit bulkier because of the nature of hand stitching, these ones are sewn using special glave sewingmachines for the best fit and most clean and elegant look. As such these gloves are perfect for any business man or better yet any man who values elegance. 

To get a better understanding of what goes into the making of a Fort Belvedere Gloves, please watch the video on how our gloves are made.

3. Button Closure

Traditionally, gloves were closed with a button at the wrist, whereas today this feature has all but disappeared. Fort Belvedere reintroduces this classic feature, as a leather covered button glove will hug the wrist and sit neatly under a coat sleeve. You can wear them in a classic manner or nonchalantly unbuttoned, with a touch of sprezzatura.

4. Quirks For Increased Range of Movement

To increase the range of finger movement, only the very best glove makers add quirks to gloves, which are little triangles of leather between the fingers that allow free movement of fingers. To add a modern twist, Fort Belvedere had these quirks made in signature green leather. You will only ever glimpse it when you spread your fingers but it is a rare detail of superior craftsmanship and a perfect example of exceptional product design.

5. Italian Cashmere Lining

Cashmere is the softest of all glove linings. We opted for an oatmeal brown color that will never look dirty and won't leave ugly fuzz in your hands.

How to Combine Burgundy Gloves

Burgundy gloves are probably the most versatile glove color! It pairs equally as well with formal morning dress outfits such as the morning coat or the stroller suit as well as with black, gray, blue or brown overcoats and business suits. Additionally, it can be worn with solids, patterns, sport coat combinations and even tweed. Another similarly versatile glove color is chamois yellow, which we also offer here.

Leather Maintenance

While Peccary leather is the best glove leather available, this Italian lamb nappa is a close second. Once you wear the gloves make sure to strech out the fingers and store them flat. Once a year, you can even iron them on low heat with a piece of cloth and they will look like new again. Leather naturally develops water stains if you get certain parts very wet for extended periods of time, while other parts remain dry. If you encoutner water stains, make the entire glove wet and let it air dry and the stains will be gone. Always be gentle and don't use artificial cleansers. Just water and if at all, a mild baby shampoo although water should work just fine.


Should you have any questions about sizing, leather or styles, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.