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Petrol Blue and Off-White Driving Gloves in Lamb Nappa Leather by Fort Belvedere
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- Handmade in Hungary For Superior Comfort
- Finest Italian Lamb Nappa Glove Leather For Best Fit & Grip
- Unlined with Snap Button Closure
-Perfect for Driving

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What you need to know

For sizing information, see the picture with the hand below and watch the video.

Driving Gloves

Originally, driving gloves were supposed to keep the chauffeurs hands clean while driving and they looked like a gauntlet.

Driving gloves as we know them today go back to the car racing sport. Back in the day, race cars had the same wooden steering wheels found in regular cars. At high speeds it was more difficult to grip the wheel securely and hence drivers needed more grip.During the heydays of classic men's clothing in the 1920s and 1930s, daywear gloves were part of a gentleman's wardrobe even in the spring, summer and fall/autumn season.

That's when the driving glove was born. Made of fine, soft leather, they fit like a second skin and the tiny pores on the leather provided the necessary grip to drive faster and safer.

We also added hand-stitching for comfort and chose a contrasting color for looks. On top of that, we wove an arrow pattern in a contrasting arrow on the back of the hand, which not only creates a dynamic of speed but it also separates the wearer from all other drivers with driving gloves.

What Makes these Petrol Blue Fort Belvedere Driving Gloves So Special?

1. Grippy & Soft Nappa Leather - these gloves are made from exquisitely soft and grippy Italian Lamb Nappa Glove Leather. We tested many different leathers but nothing was as soft while providing just the right grip as this lamb nappa leather. You'll know what we mean when you wear them the first time.

2. Perfect Fit & Elegance These gloves are hand cut and then handsewn together by expert glove artisans. Thus they are very comfortable and the contrasting yarn color makes you look very dapper.

3. Snap Button Closure. To ensure the perfect fit at all times, we added an adjustable snap button to the top of the wrist. That way you are in control of your car and gloves at all times.

4. Hole Perforations. To increase the comfort and breathability of the gloves we added hole perforations throughout the glove. The handwoven arrow pattern on the back of the hand also enhances breathability all while providing the exquisite look of a high-end product.

5. Unlined. To achieve the closest glove fit, best look and grip these gloves are unlined. Anything else would influence the driving performance negatively.

How to Combine Driving Gloves

Apart from the enhanced grip and performance aspects of driving gloves, they also look the part and elevate the style of the driver and car. 

When choosing the right color you should consider the car's interior and exterior first and foremost. Choose something that adds an element of contrast but also something that harmonizes well with the car. 

Therefore we offer not just this Petrol Blue driving glove but also a Burgundy Red as well as a British Racing Green.

What Driving Glove Size Should I Chose?

A tight glove fit is essential for driving gloves. To find the perfect size for your hand, please watch the video about glove sizes on this page. After all, we want that it fits like a glove.

Leather Maintenance

Once you wear the driving gloves make sure to stretch out the fingers and store them flat, otherwise you should not have to do any maintenance.


Should you have any questions about sizing, leather or styles, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

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