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Peccary Gloves in Gray with Button and Alpaca Lining Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere peccary_gloves_gray_button_closure_lined

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- Handmade in 8h in Peru
- Genuine Peccary leather
- Baby Alpaca lining - 7 times warmer than cashmere
-Traditional button closure
-Hypo-allergenic - lanolin free

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What you need to know

These gloves will not be restocked as we now have our superior waterproof gloves that are cashmere lined and the peccary is even softer. Take a look here

For sizing information, see the picture with the hand below . Note, Peccary leather is the finest glove leather available and harvested from wild animals. As such little scuffs and marks in the leather are not defective, but much rather a sign of quality & genuine wild origin.

Gray Gloves

Gloves have been a gentleman's accessory for centuries. Within the last few decades, the variety and elegance that once existed vanished in favor of plain black and brown gloves. During the heyday of classic menswear in the 1930s, no well dressed man would have worn black gloves. Instead, beige, yellow, gray and brown gloves with button closures (often hand stitched) would have been the gloves of choice.

To counter such tristesse in the modern glove world, Fort Belvedere offers gloves that combine functional fit and comfort with the elegance of the bygone era. Choose from a small but outstanding series of peccary gloves with classic colors and details.

What Makes the Fort Belvedere peccary gloves so special?

All Fort Belvedere gloves are hand sewn and made of genuine peccary leather, with three traditional handsewn points on the top of the hand. It takes up to 8 hours to hand stitch a single pair of gloves, but considering that peccary is the most precious of all glove leathers, it goes without saying that only the best workmanship is good enough.

Peccary leather is derived from the Peccary animal, which is part of the pig family. The best quality hides come from wild animals in Peru, where they are harvested under strict CITES regulations. Since the animals are wild, and hence little scuffs and marks in the leather are not a defect, but much rather a sign of quality and wild origin. Genuine peccary is identified by characteristic 3-prong pores.

Peccary leather has been so popular for gloves due to its extraordinary characteristics. It is both incredibly durable while being supple and soft. While a hand sewn seam can rip under extreme conditions, the leather can be resewn over and over again and you will likely never be able to destroy peccary leather in the course of normal use. The leather will also grown softer the more you wear it.

Traditionally, gloves were closed with a button at the wrist, whereas today this feature has all but disappeared. Fort Belvedere reintroduces this classic feature, as a buttoned glove will hug the wrist and sit neatly under a coat sleeve. You can wear them in a classic manner or nonchalantly unbuttoned, with a touch of sprezzatura.

Cashmere has become popular for glove linings and while it is beautifully soft and great for scarves, it did not perform well during our tests on cold winter days. Instead, Fort Belvedere uses Baby Alpaca lining, which is also soft but keeps hands warmer with better insulating hollow Alpaca fibers. Alpaca wears about 7 times warmer than regular wool or cashmere. Furhtermore, Alpaca is elastic, lanolin free, and hypo-allergenic, making it ideally suited to people who are allergic to wool or cashmere.

How to Combine Grey Gloves

Grey gloves are probably the most versatile glove color! It pairs equally as well with formal morning dress outfits such as the morning coat or the stroller suit as well as with black, gray, blue or brown overcoats and business suits. Additionally, it can be worn with solids, patterns, sport coat combinations and even tweed. Another similarly versatile glove color is chamois yellow, which we also offer here.

Leather Maintenance

Peccary leather is one of the few fashion materials that improves with age. Not only does it develop a sophisticated patina, but it also grows softer. Just like with any other leather, if your gloves encounter water and develop water stains, wet the entire glove and let it air dry away from heat and the stains will disappear. Apart from that, peccary does not require any other maintenance.


Should you have any questions about sizing, leather or styles, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.