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Wool Challis Pocket Square in Orange with Green Polka Dots - Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere 4054956004311

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- 100% Wool Challis
- Handprinted English fabric
- Perfect pocket square size
-Orange with Green Polka Dots
- Traditional hand-rolled edges

What you need to know

Wool pocket squares add some finesse and textural contrast to your outfit when paired with a silk tie. Once you have a few classic linen and silk pochettes, wool pocket squares are a great next step. Acquire your Fort Belvedere polka dot wool pocket square to create a classic outfit with a twist. This orange wool challis handkerchief with green polka dots pairs particularly well with tweed or burgundy, green or light grey jackets. It is a classic pattern on an unusual material that helps to create a look with sophisticated textures.

What makes our Fort Belvedere wool challis pocket squares so special?

All Fort Belvedere wool challis pocket squares are created exclusively from the fibers from Merino sheep, a breed that delivers finer and softer wool than any other sheep. Unlike silk, our 100% Merino wool is highly wrinkle resistant, resulting in a beautiful, crisp drape that allows for more interesting folds. The fabric is screen printed by hand in England and then they are handrolled, so you receive a completely handmade item.

Fort Belvedere pays particular attention to detail in creating accessories, and as a result these wool pocket squares have the perfect size, which is much smaller than a linen or silk pocket square due to the thicker fabric. Unlike 12" silk pocket squares, Fort Belvedere wool handkerchiefs will not disappear in your chest pocket because of the  textured wool that provides more grip.

This pocket sqaure is also available in 4 other colorways.

Wool pocket square storage

Generally, this orange wool pocket square with green polka dots is not prone to wrinkle, but if it does, iron it with the printed side down and covered with a linen or cotton cloth. Use medium to low heat with steam or a few sprinkles of water, and avoid flattening the rolled edges.


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SKU: 4054956004311