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4 Suits Poker Pocket Square with Embroidered Hearts, Spaces, Clubs Spades - Fort Belvedere
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- 100% White Italian Linen with 4 Suits Embroidered
- Perfect pocket square for the Poker Table or Vegas
Exquisite handrolled hem & a suit in every corner
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What you need to know

Few things in a men's wardrobe take less time to wear and have a bigger impact than a pocket square.With a quick fold, you can add a unique character to your appearance in a few seconds. Once you have mastered the plain white linen pocket square, the next step is to add some color.

One way to do that is to incorporate Men's Vices. If you like to play cards or if you are a regular in Casinos or if you love poker, this is the pocket square for you.

We had the 4 suits diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts hand embroidered onto a white linen pocket square with hand-rolled edges, and it looks great with a crown fold, or if you need something in plain white, you just go with a puff fold.

What makes this Handmade Fort Belvedere Linen Pocket Square so unique?

1. 100% Italian Linen

Linen has been used for thousands of years and is derived from the fibers of the flax plant that is spun into yarn. Unlike our Irish Linen that we offer in the other pocket square, this is Italian linen which is a bit softer but also very fine. It is crisp enough to allow for spectacular folds, and the pocket square does not disappear in the pocket.

2. Perfect Weight & Weave

Like so many things, linen comes in different thicknesses & qualities. We thoroughly tested the available varieties, ranging from coarser linen to the finest double damask, and settled on this quality that is particularly well suited for pocket squares - elegant and crisp without adding bulk in your chest.

3. Sized So You Look Your Best - No More Disappearing Handkerchiefs

Most pocket squares are sized to get the largest number of pocket squares per yard of fabric. Unfortunately, this doesn't result in pocket squares with the right size, especially because every fabric has a different weight and weave.

Most white linen squares are 43 cm x 43cm - 17" x 17" in size, and while they may work as handkerchiefs in the back pocket of your trousers, they are too big for the chest pocket and make pockets looked stuffed. Similarly, a linen pocket square in 33 cm x 33 cm - 13" x 13" is too small, because it disappears into the pocket over the course of a day.

After extensive testing, we concluded that 35cm x 35 cm - 13.75" x" 13.75" was the perfect size for our Italian linen pocket squares. 

4. Hand-rolled with Hand-Embroidered Suits - Hearts, Diamonds, Spades & Clubs

All Fort Belvedere pocket squares are hand-rolled, but this pocket square is unique because it was meticulously hand-embroidered with black and red card suits. As such it is great for the poker table or for anyone who likes poker vegas or card games. Just think about your bachelor party all showing up with these pocket squares definitely a one-of-a-kind look you won't find elsewhere. , which as all spaced evenly. Most regular embroidery looks only good from one side, whereas this pocket square is embroidered in a way so it looks neat from both sides.

All of this fine handwork is done in Italy, and the pocket square takes 3 times longer to complete than a regular handkerchief with hand-rolled edges.

How To Wear This Pocket Square?

This pocket square is a true masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship that will elevate any outfit, whether it is your business suit or your spring summer outfit. Because the colors are blue and white, it works with every kind of business outfit, no matter whether your suit is navy, gray or blue. It also works well with any kind of white or light blue shirt as well as brown, green, red and yellow sport coats or suits. It can be worn during spring summer as well as fall winter. Because of its white background, it is not the best option for tweed. Go with a light yellow, blue or brown pocket square instead or opt for a wool challis or madder silk square instead.

Similar to the delicate pick stitching on a handmade suit, this pocket square truly highlights your commitment to quality and craftsmanship, and at the same time, it elevates your outfit to a new level because nobody else will have such a beautifully made pocket square.

Linen pocket square storage

By nature, linen is very prone to wrinkles. Once you are done wearing it, remove it from your pocket and fold it. If your pochette is too wrinkled, iron it hot with steam or a bit of water from the underside, and it should look like new again, taking care not to flatten the edges. 


Fine men's clothing and accessories are our passion. If you have any questions or need assistance with our pocket squares or other items, please contact us!  We are always happy to help you build your wardrobe or choose a unique gift.