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Silk Pocket Square in Dark Blue with Orange, Green Large Paisley Pattern- Fort Belvedere
Fort Belvedere 4054956006032

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- 100% Silk - With Large PAttern
- Handrolled
- Perfect pocket square size
- Made in England
- Traditional handrolled edges

What you need to know

Pocket squares are probably the easiest and quickest way to improve your look. Once you have mastered the plain white linen pocket square, and the squares with colored edges,the next step is to add different materials and textures to your chest pocket. Printed silk pocket squares are a timeless staple in a gentleman's wardrobe, because they work well for formal wear, business suits and casual wear at the same time. While most pocket squares a now printed in China, and mostly on printers, Fort Belvedere silk pocket squares are hand screen printed in England.

What makes this Fort BelvedereHand Screen Printed Paisley Inspired Silk pocket square so special?

Perfect Size.Most pocket squares are sized to get the largest number of pocket squares per yard of fabric. Unfortunately, this doesn't result in pocket squares with the right size, especially because every fabric has a different weight and weave. Most silk pocket squares 30 cm x 30 cm - 12" x 12" in size, which is way to small. As a consequence, your square will disappear in your pocket, and that is just sad, after wall why would you wear a pocket square if it is not visible?.

After extensive testing, we concluded that 41 x 41 cm - 16.25" x 16.25" was the perfect size for this particular silk pocket square. Of course, these are meticulously hand-rolled.just like all Fort Belvedere pocket square because only handkerchiefs with fine hand rolled edges look good, whereas machine made ones are the epitome of a cheap look.

Hand Printed. Only a few silk printers are capable of using traditional silk screens anymore. Fort Belvedere sources its fabric from a small English company, that only provides high quality printed fabrics.

Vibrant colors & Pattern. This pocket square features, large, paisley inspired motives that are different across the square, allowing you to create different looks every time you wear it.

Silk pocket square storage

Although many consider silk to be very delicate, it is in fact a very strong fiber that is rather wrinkles resistant. However, if you leave your square folded in a pocket for days, it will show wrinkles. Hence, we recommend, you take it out of your pocket at the end of the day, fold it into a square and let it rest in a drawer that protects it from dust or sunlight. In case your pochette is wrinkled, use some steam and if that doesn't help, put a cotton cloth between the silk and your iron. Gently steam iron the center of the square, without flattening the edges. Withing seconds, the wrinkles should disappear. 


Fine men's clothing and accessories have been our passion for over 15 years. If you have any questions, or need assistance with our pocket squares or other accessories, please contact us!  We are always happy to help you build your wardrobe or choose a unique gift.

SKU: 4054956006032