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White Initial Pocket Square - Hand-Embroidered in Italy
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Fort Belvedere white-pocket-square-initial-linen-handmade

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- 100% Luxuriously Soft Italian Linen
- Stunning Hand-embroidered Intial
- Perfect pocket square size
- Traditional handrolled edges made in Italy
- In stock, ready to be shipped

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What you need to know

A pocket square is one of the simplest ways to an elegant touch to your outfit. The mother of all pochettes is the classic white linen pocket square. With its crisp versatility, it pairs with sportscoats, business suits, and tuxedos alike.

Whatever the occasion, a job interview, a wedding or a garden party: if you had to choose only one pocket square, it would be the solid white one made of pure linen with handrolled edges.

What makes this Perfect White Linen Pocket Square so special?

1. 100% Soft Italian Linen

Linen has been used for thousands of years and is derived from the fibers of the flax plant that is spun into yarn. Unlike our regular linen which is usually somewhat stiff, this Italian linen is so soft you could use it as a handkerchief, yet, it holds its pocket square fold perfectly. It is woven in Italy using old looms and the finish is superb. 

2. Perfect Weight & Weave

Like so many things, linen comes in different thicknesses & qualities. This linen is quite perfect for year-round use and folds perfectly into crown fold, TV folds or puff folds. Especially the latter can be tricky with stiff linen pocket squares.

3. Hand-Embroidered Initial

Choose your initial from the alphabet. Traditionally, once chooses the initial of the first name but some people prefer their last name's initial.

The initial is spectacularly hand-embroidered with an extremely high stitch density and a slightly raised profile - simply a stunning piece of art. It is placed in a corner so the initial is visible in a crown fold, but you can also fold it, so the initial is hidden. The choice is yours.

4. Sized So You Look Your Best - No More Disappearing Handkerchiefs

Most pocket squares are sized to get the largest number of pocket squares per yard of fabric. Unfortunately, this doesn't result in pocket squares with the right size, especially because every fabric has a different weight and weave.

Most blue linen squares are 43 cm x 43cm - 17" x 17" in size, and while they may work as handkerchiefs in the back pocket of your trousers, they are too big for the chest pocket and make pockets looked stuffed. Similarly, soft linen pocket square in 33 cm x 33 cm - 13" x 13" is too small, because it disappears into the pocket over the course of a day. Handcrafted linen is a bit stiffer and hence we tested several sizes in our chest pockets

After extensive testing, we concluded that 35cm x 35 cm - 13.75" x" 13.75" was the perfect size for this specific linen pocket square. 

5. Hand-rolled with high stitch density 

All Fort Belvedere pocket squares are hand-rolled, and this one is no exception. The stitch density is high but the stitches are subtle yet you can see it is not machine hemmed. Of course, it takes much more time and skill to handroll the edges of a pocket square but we believe it makes a difference and hence we commit to that on all of our squares.  

How Is This Different From the Irish Linen White Pocket Squares with Initial?

Apart from this white Italian linen pocket square we also offer white Irish linen pocket squares. The Irish ones are a bit bigger, the linen is stiffer and with a machine embroidered block font. These Italian pocket squares have a far superior hand-embroidered initial that is raised and can be worn in your pocket so one can read the initial.

The Italian one is smaller, softer and puristic. No logos, no initials and you can also remove the Fort Belvedere tag very easily. 

So if you generally think pocket squares are too big in your pocket, get this one.

You may combine this pocket square with any of our bow ties or ties

Linen pocket square storage

By nature, linen is very prone to wrinkles. Once you are done wearing it, remove it from your pocket and fold it. If your pochette is too wrinkled, iron it hot with steam or a bit of water from the underside and it should look like new again.


Fine men's clothing and accessories are our passion. If you have any questions or need assistance with our pocket squares or other items, please contact us!  We are always happy to help you build your wardrobe or choose a unique gift.

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