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Alpaca Scarf Double Sided in Light Brown and Oatmeal - Fort Belvedere
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- 100% Baby Alpaca Made in Peru
- Light Brown & Oatmeal - Reversible
- Hypo-allergenic - lanolin free
- Measures 180 x 30 cm
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box 

What you need to know

Alpaca is not very well known in the western world, despite its many formidable characteristics that make it the perfect material for scarves. Alpacas or rather, lama pacos, are South American camelids that are mostly found in southern Peru 12,000 ft above sea level. The Alpaca fiber has a silky-soft touch yet is more durable than cashmere. The fiber has microscopic air pockets that trap heat, so you remain cozy warm in cold weather. At the same time, Alpaca is elastic, lanolin free, hypo-allergenic and hence ideally suited to people who are allergic to wool or cashmere. Furthermore, this double sided Fort Belvedere Alpaca scarf is not only stylish but also a great value.

What makes our Fort Belvedere Alpaca scarf in Light Brown & Oatmeal so special?

1. Made of Royal Baby Alpaca

We source baby & royal baby Alpaca yarns from the best producers in Peru, which means we only choose fibers harvested when it yields the finest qualities, with thicknesses between 19 - 22 micron. Although this is thicker than the best cashmere qualities, the surface of Alpaca fibers is smoother than cashmere. As such, even the thicker Alpaca fibers are almost as soft as cashmere, but insulate better.

2. Cream of the Crop Alpaca

Alpaca comes in 24 natural colors, with white being the most popular because it can be dyed in the most shades. Generally, the natural white fibers are of slightly superior quality, which is why Fort Belvedere only uses white fibers. Since the Alpaca industry is native in Peru, the highest quality Alpaca is sourced there and hence Fort Belvedere sources its Alpaca scarves right in Peru.

3. Extra Soft

This light brown and oatmeal colored Fort Belvedere Alpaca scarvf undergoes a special treatment to create an even softer, flannel-like surface. Of course, every scarf is double checked by skilled workers, to assure that you receive a scarf worthy of the Fort Belvedere label.

4. Reversible Scarf

The double sided fabric looks particularly handsome when worn around the neck because the color scheme looks always different. Due to its solid colors, it works with all kinds of overcoats, including patterns, and solids. This double sided flannel scarf is suited for gentlemen who want a classic scarf with a twist.


We extensively tested various scarf sizes to find the right one for you. The most common scarf size is 150 cm x 30 cm/60" x 12", which was simply too short for most men, resulting in insufficient protection. Larger Scottish versions were 180 cm x 35 cm/72" x 14" , and while we found liked the length, the width felt constricting. As such, we settled on an ideal format of 180 cm x 30 cm/72" x 12" for all of our scarves; they now offer the best combination of warmth and coverage. 

Purple & Grey Scarf storage

To ensure you can enjoy your double sided flannel Fort Belvedere scarf for years to come, fold it or hang it; we find folding is the easiest, most convenient way. Our Alpaca is prone to resist wrinkles but you can iron it gently on a low temperature setting to release wrinkles. 

Signature green gift box

Your double sided flannel scarf will arrive in a heavy, classic Fort Belvedere gift box for you or your recipient to enjoy. Furthermore, consider saving the box for travel or storage of your purchase.


Fine men's clothing and accessories are our passion. If you have any questions, or need assistance with product selection, please contact us!  We are always happy to help you build your wardrobe or choose a unique gift.

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