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Black Watch Tartan Cashmere Scarf - Green Blue Military- Fort Belvedere
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- 100% Quality Cashmere in Black Watch Tartan
- Classic Military Tartan in Green, Blue and Black
- Made in Germany
- Measures 180 x 30 cm 72" x 12"
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box 

What you need to know

Cashmere is considered by many to be the best fiber for scarves due to its gentle softness. Here, we offer you a stunning forest green herringbone scarf that is supremely soft and woven in a generous length, made of the finest Mongolian & Chinese long staple cashmere.

What makes this Black Watch Tartan cashmere scarf so special?

Quality Cashmere

We source only high-quality cashmere yarns. The raw material for our scarves is derived from the fine underhair of the cashmere goat. Each goat produces only 150 - 200 grams a year, which is just enough for a single scarf. The finest quality cashmere is usually between 14 and 16.5 microns thick, which is one of the reasons for its softness. With a  staple length of 35 - 50mm, we ensure that the scarf won't pill easily, so you can wear it for years to come. Cashmere from Iran (17.5 - 19 micron) and Afghanistan (16.5-18 micron) is less desirable because it is rougher and pills more easily.

Fine Underhair

Another quality criterium is the color of the fine underhair. Natural white and lighter colored cashmere is much more expensive than darker greyish or brown cashmere because only the lighter colored underhair can be dyed into our vivid colors. The darker fibers can only be used for dark colors.

Once the right raw material is sourced, the fine duvet underhair separated from the rougher guard hair. This mechanical process is a well-kept secret among the few experts left in the world today. Since it involves both handwork and mechanics, it is impossible to remove 100% of all guard hairs. While our top quality cashmere typically features less than 0.5% of guard hair, cheaper quality scarves often contain more than 5% of guard hair, which is rougher and less desirable.

Softened The Traditional Way with Thistles

In the next step, Fort Belvedere cashmere fibers are then treated with natural thistles, which roughen up the surface of the scarf to create a particularly soft feel. Using real thistles is costly, but this traditional method guarantees top quality. When we examined Scottish cashmere scarves, which are often advertised as premium quality, we learned that thistles are not used anymore which reveals a decline in quality.

Milling For Softness

After Fort Belvedere scarves are woven, they undergo the milling process, which provides the cashmere with fullness and softness. Another part of this process is done the traditional way, employing wooden rollers. 

The Fort Belvedere herringbone scarf has an unparalleled depth of color and will earn you many compliments on the street.

Pattern with History: Black Watch Tartan

In the past, there has been some debate whether Black Watch tartan was originally a clan tartan or a military tartan. According to the Scottish Register of Tartans, a subdivision of the National Records of Scotland, General George Wade, the commander of British forces in North Britain authorized the creation of six independent companies of troops to police the Highlanders in 1725.

Locally those companies became known as the Black Watch and were eventually consolidated to form the 43rd (later 42nd) Royal Highland Regiment.

The members all wore a dark blue / navy, green and black plaid which was woven by more than 60 different weavers in Strathspey, the country of Clan Grant.

Today, the black watch tartan is considered the forfather of many other tartans and as such it has been a very popular staple in classic menswear. It is not just used for kilts, but also ties, bow ties, cummerbunds, dinner jackets etc. We decided to use this timeless pattern and weave it into a fine cashmere scarf. 

How To Wear This Green, Dark Blue & Black Cashmere Scarf

Due to its military origins, this scarf works particularly well with military-inspired overcoats such as a Trench Coat, a British Warm, or any other double-breasted overcoat. It can be paired with tan but also with grey, charcoal, navy, dark blue or black thus covering the entire range of classic men's overcoating colors.

Therefore, this scarf is extremely versatile yet unique at the same time.


The most common scarf size is 150 cm x 30 cm/60" x 12", which was simply too short for most men, resulting in insufficient protection from the elements. Larger Scottish versions were 180 cm x 35 cm/72" x 14", and while we liked the length, the width felt constricting. So, we settled on an ideal format of 180 cm x 30 cm/72" x 12" for all of our scarves.

Made in Germany

Quality is not a matter of geography. However, producing scarves in Germany allows Fort Belvedere to work with a small weaver family with decades of experience. In addition, by working directly with the craftsman, we were able to create special sizes and provide a nice variety of patterns for you to choose from. 

Signature green gift box

Your olive green herringbone cashmere scarf will arrive in a heavy, classic Fort Belvedere gift box for you or your recipient to enjoy. Furthermore, consider saving the box for travel or storage of your purchase.

SKU: 4054956019919