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Evening Scarf in Black and White Silk Satin - Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere 4054956007268

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- Evening Scarf in Black & White
- Hand Knotted Fringes
- Luxurious, Heavy Italian Warp Satin Silk
- Measures 180 x 35 cm
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box 

What you need to know

An evening scarf is to your black tie or white tie ensemble is like the icing on the cake. It makes you standout from the tuxedo crowd and is perfect for evening overcoats or paletots. Traditionally, an evening scarf is white and we offer that here, but this version is double sided in black and white silk satin which makes it particularly handsome. When draped around a men's neck the two tone look is particularly impressive. 

What makes our Fort Belvedere Reversible Evening Scarf so special?

1. Fort Belvedere sources the luxurious silk warp satin from a renowned Italian silk mill. 99.99% of other satin used for bow ties is inferior weft satin which is cheaper to produce and has an inferior lustre.

2. Handmade - This scarf is entirely handmade and the ends are knotted by hand with black and white silk fringes for a particularly debonair look.

3. With a generous length of 72" - 180 cm and 14" - 35 cm width, this scarf looks stunning when draped around your neck.

4. The silk is heavy and structured, unlike the vast majority of flimsy evening scarves out there. This Fort Belvedere scarf, will stay in place, drape perfectly and make your look handsome and elegant.

5. Unique Lustre - this satin has glossy surface and a dull back surface, which is created by weaving with more warp threads which is a much more diffiicult, sophisticated and beautiful process than weft satin, which often looks cheap. Because of the particular way the silk threads are woven together, less light is reflected off of the surface of the fabric giving satin its characteristic even sheen and lustre.

We carry a number of other scarves in that style with different pattern & color combinations, so make sure to take a look here.


We extensively tested various scarf sizes to find the right one for you. The most common scarf size is 150 cm x 30 cm/60" x 12", which is simply too short for most men, resulting in insufficient protection. Larger Scottish versions were 180 cm x 35 cm/72" x 14" , and while we liked the length, the width felt constricting with heavier materials. However for an evening scarf the dimensions were just perfect, and so we decided on 180 cm x 35 cm/72" x 14" .

Evening Scarf Etiquette

Formal evening ensemble with tuxedo or tailcoat require an evening scarf to be worn with an overcoat during the fall winter season. Apart from that, an evening scarf can also be worn just with the tux or tailcoat, even inside. When outside, you can elegantly drape the scarf by throwing one end over the shoulder, while the other hands down the front or in any other way you choose, but when you are inside, your should untie it and just have it hang around your neck.

Scarf storage

To ensure you can enjoy your evening scarf for many years to come, fold it or hang it; we find folding is the easiest, most convenient way, and don't leave it folded in a coat pocket. In case you encounter creases or wrinkles, simply use steam to relax the fibers and create a smooth surface again. It is less expensive, more convenient and better for your scarf than having it dry-cleaned.

Signature green gift box

Your double sided scarf will arrive in a heavy, classic Fort Belvedere gift box for you or your recipient to enjoy. Furthermore, consider saving the box for travel or storage of your purchase.


Fine men's clothing and accessories are our passion. If you have any questions, or need assistance with product selection, please contact us!  We are always happy to help you build your wardrobe or choose a unique gift.

SKU: 4054956007268