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Reversible Scarf in Green and Blue Silk Wool Paisley and Stripes - Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere 4054956007862

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- Reversible Scarf with Silk - Wool Yarn
- Made in Italy
- Rich green & blue with bold stripes & paisley
- Measures 180 x 35 cm
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box 

What you need to know

Reversible scarves, British also call them tubular scarves are one of the most elegant form of warming one's neck. The combination two distinctly different patterns, yet harmonious colors is simply refined when it covers the V-opening of your overcoat or topcoat.

Unlike the Fort Belvedere scarves we offer with one side in silk and the other in wool, this green and blue reversible scarf with orange highlights has the same soft,  fabric which is a blend of silk and fine merino wool. On the one side, you can find large printed paisleys, whereas the opposite side features bold green, yellow and blue stripes that have a resemblance to British collegiate scarves or rowing clubs. Paired with brown, tan, blue or grey overcoats this scarf will earn you many compliments because green is rare when it comes to men's scarves, and most people will never have seen something this beautiful before.

What makes our Fort Belvedere Reversible sided silk-wool blend scarf so special?

Made from 70% finest merino wool and 30% silk this Fort Belvedere scarf features different patterns yet matching colors which lets you stand out from the crowd. The material blend makes it very comfortable to wear on your skin, and the silk gives the scarf a special lustre without being shiny.

We carry a number of other scarves in that style with different pattern & color combinations, so make sure to take a look here.

The combination of wool and silk will keep you warm without sacrificing style. This medium-weight scarf is intentionally thin and very refined, making it the perfect accoutrement for fine business suits and elegant overcoats.At the same time, it also pairs well with worsteds, flannel or tweed.

The green is truly outstanding, so are the blue and yellow paisleys on the other side. The striped opposite provide a distinctive different look yet it is very classic and stylish at all times. Paired with the yellow chamois peccary gloves from Fort Belvedere, you will create a unique look that will get you noticed for your style and elegance.


We extensively tested various scarf sizes to find the right one for you. The most common scarf size is 150 cm x 30 cm/60" x 12", which is simply too short for most men, resulting in insufficient protection. Larger Scottish versions were 180 cm x 35 cm/72" x 14" , and while we liked the length, the width felt constricting with heavier materials. However with our thinner scarves  the dimensions were just perfect, and so we decided on 180 cm x 35 cm/72" x 14" .

Scarf storage

To ensure you can enjoy your reversible scarf in green & blue silk-wool for many years to come, fold it or hang it; we find folding is the easiest, most convenient way, and don't leave it folded in a coat pocket. In case you encounter creases or wrinkles, simply use steam to relax the fibers and create a smooth surface again. It is less expensive, more convenient and better for your scarf than having it dry-cleaned.

Signature green gift box

Your green and blue reversible silk-wool scarf will arrive in a heavy, classic Fort Belvedere gift box for you or your recipient to enjoy. Furthermore, consider saving the box for travel or storage of your purchase.


Fine men's clothing and accessories are our passion. If you have any questions, or need assistance with product selection, please contact us!  We are always happy to help you build your wardrobe or choose a unique gift.

SKU: 4054956007862