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Blue Socks with Red and White Clocks in Cotton - Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere blue-socks-red-and-white-clocks-cotton

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- 100% Egyption Fil d'Ecosse cotton
- Blue - Made in Italy
- Clocks in Red & White
- Hand finished
- Over the calf length
ANY 3 Pairs of Socks for $105
ANY 6 Pairs of Socks for $195
ANY 9 Pairs of Socks for $280
ANY 12 Pairs of Socks for $360

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What you need to know


Please check the sizing picture here to find your right size. All socks are sized so they shrink to the right size after the first wash. Don't assume they are too big when you see them first, they are the right size. 

Why over the calf socks?

Few things will destroy the look of an otherwise sharp business outfit more than quickly than short socks because they will inevitably reveal your hairy legs. That's why we offer traditional over the calf socks in subtle patterns & colorful accents so you will always look great in your business attire.

What makes Fort Belvedere socks with Clocks so special?

  1. Made of 100% long staple Egyptian Fil d'Ecosse cotton, the 2-ply knit feels soft on your skin and the clocks provide you with a debonair look that is superior to solid socks
  2. Knitted very finely on machines using 240 needles, the socks are created with threads in mid brown and grey clocks on the side, which were inspired by men's socks of the 1930's
  3. Hand finished, these socks have a smooth toe area without any pressure points. 
  4. Sized to truly fit your feet,  rather than one size fits it all.
  5. They stay in place over the calf without restricting your' circulation due to a special design & knitting technique.
  6. Classic, yet difficult to find solid blue Socks with red & white Clocks pattern on the side. These clocks were very popular with elegant men in the 1930's and they are the perfect way to add subtle elegance to your outfit. Wear them instead of a solid sock with your outfits to add a subtle note of sophistication to your combination.

Get the Guide To How To Combine Socks, Shoes & Pants For Free

If you purchase 3 or more pairs of socks, you get our 94-page guide on how to pair socks with shoes and pants for free (Value $25). 

Simply add the socks and the guide to your cart. 


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us, we are always happy to help you. 

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