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Shadow Stripe Socks Charcoal and Grey Cotton Fort Belvedere
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- 100% Egyptian, 2-ply cotton
- Made in Italy
- Shadow stripes in Charcoal & Grey
- Hand finished
- Over the calf length
ANY 3 Pairs of Socks for $105
ANY 6 Pairs of Socks for $195
ANY 9 Pairs of Socks for $280
ANY 12 Pairs of Socks for $360

What you need to know

Why over the calf socks?

Few things will ruin the look of an otherwise sharp business outfit more than quickly than short socks, because they will inevitably reveal your hairy legs. That's why we offer traditional over the calf socks in subtle patterns & colorful accents so you will always look great in your business attire.

Why are Fort Belvedere shadow stripe socks special?

  1. Made of 100% Egyptian 2-ply cotton, these socks have a long staple that is durable, comfortably soft and pill-resistant so you can enjoy your socks longer.
  2. Finely knitted on machines with 240 needles, charcoal & grey threads are blended in a mix of Jacquard and embroidery to create a ribbed shadow stripe.
  3. Hand finished with a smooth toe area that minimizes pressure points. 
  4. Sized, so the sock truly fits your feet, rather than a one size fits it all.
  5. Stays in place over the calf, without restriciting circulation, all day due to a superior design & knitting technique. No more yanking up your socks. 

Combine it with a pocket square and tie

The subtle light grey stripes in the classic charcoal socks are the perfect companion for dark business suits of any kind that will make you stand out from the crowd.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us, we are always happy to help you. 

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