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Madder Silk Tie in Dark Blue, Light Blue and Red Macclesfield Neats - Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere madder-silk-tie-dark-blue-red-macclesfield-neats

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- Handprinted English Madder Silk & Handsewn
- 3 different sizes Short, Regular, Long
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box
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What you need to know

Madder ties have been a staple in the connoisseur's wardrobe for many decades. It is easy to appreciate the rich yet subtle colors of Ancient Madder red, indigo blue, buff or bottle green, but what exactly does Madder mean and why is it so popular?

Madder dye has been derived from the Rubua Rubiaceae plant for thousands of years, which is why it is often referred to as Ancient Madder. The madder red color is similar to a ruby red. It is created using alizarine, which is obtained by grinding the roots of the plant. This procedure was necessary until the 1860s when the red dye could be produced in a lab. Today, all madder colors are produced chemically, yet the name remains the same.

What makes this Dark Blue, Madder Blue and Red Fort Belvedere special?

1. Hand Printed in England: Today, there are only very few left that can print real madder fabrics. It is a complicated, multi-step silk screen print process and hence only the best silk qualities are used. Fort Belvedere sources real Ancient Madder fabric from England, where it is screen printed. The base color of this tie is rich madder red, which is similar to a dark ruby red with little flowers in Madder blue and red, a pattern which is also known as Macclesfield Neats. Once the pattern printing is finished, the fabric is immersed in an indigo bath, rendering the omitted areas in Madder blue.

2. Chalky feel. Madder ties are also known for their distinctive chalky feel, which is achieved by adding the formerly stripped natural gum back to the silk. This complicated process results in beautiful, rare fabric that we complement with equally high quality finishing touches:

3. Details. The short and regular tie are untipped and finished with fine hand rolled edges just like on a quality pocket square. The long tie is self-tipped, meaning we used the same expensive madder silk fabric of the tie for the tippings. Most brands use a cheaper material, be we do not compromise on quality.

We chose a thin Italian interlining for debonair tie knots that are not too big. Paired with the Fort Belvedere signature green 3-ply silk yarn from Germany, you get a hand printed and handmade tie.

4. Sizes. Furthermore, Fort Belvedere offers three different sizes - short, long, and regular so that each man can attain the ideal proportions for their height.


SHORT - for men that are 5'8" - 173 cm or shorter

REGULAR - for men that are around 5'11 - 180cm tall

LONG for men that are 6'3" - 190cm or taller

Madder Tie Style Tips

Most modern ties have thick interlinings and only allow for thick, bulky tie knots. With Fort Belvedere ties, you need not be limited to only one shape. Elegant gentlemen such as Prince Charles, or John F. Kennedy preferred worn smaller, elegant four-in-hand tie knots. Fort Belvedere allows you to tie small, regular and big tie knots! Choose the correct size tie for your stature for small and normal size tie knots, or chose the next longer tie for Balthus or double Windsor knots.

This Blue and red madder tie with  macclesfield neats flower micropattern works beautifully with any kind of business suit whether it is a solid dark suit in navy or a striped charcoal one or even windowpane grey. At the same time it works well with more casual colors and textures such as brown suits, green sportcoats or donegal tweed jackets.

It is defintively an all-time classic and the perfect tie for a gentleman who wants to be well-dressed without being flashy. A red and blue micropattern tie should be part of every gentleman's tie collection.

It is a year-round staple and our thinner Italian interlining guarantees a small or regular knot, depending on how you like to tie your tie. Prince Charles is often seen with Macclesfield Neats ties because it provides this debonair look of distinction without anything that might seem ostentatious. , it is also well suited for sophisticated spring summer ensembles.  

Its subdued shades of blue and red colors make it easy to combine and seasonally appropriate. It is not just a regular blue but a madder blue that can only be achieved with the laborous and expensive dye and discharge printing process. At Fort Belvedere, nothing is left undone to achieve the utmost quality.

If you don't have a madder tie yet, this real ancient madder tie will be a perfect start, along with a red one.

How to Store This Madder Tie

Begin by untying the knot it in the opposite way you tied it; never store ties knotted! Roll it up for a day to allow the wrinkles to relax, and then hang on a tie rack in your closet.

Signature Green Gift Box

This Ancient Madder silk tie comes in a luxurious Fort Belvedere gift box.


If you have any questions, about tie sizes, or if you need help choosing a tie for yourself or if you want to buy it as a gift, please get in touch with us, we are more than happy to help you. 

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