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Madder Print Silk Tie in Navy with Red, Buff and Orange Diamond Pattern - Fort Belvedere
Fort Belvedere madder-tie-navy-blue-red-buff-orange-diamond

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- All Made by Hand
- 3 different sizes
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box
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What you need to know

Madder ties have been a staple in the connoisseur's fall wardrobe for many decades. It is easy to appreciate the rich yet subtle colors of ancient Madder red, indigo blue, buff or green, but what exactly does Madder mean and why is it so popular?

Madder dye has been derived from the Rubua Rubiaceae plant for thousands of years, which is why it is often referred to as ancient Madder. The madder red color is created by using alizarine, which is obtained by grinding the roots of the plant. This procedure was necessary until the 1860s, when the red dye could be produced in a lab. Today, all madder colors are produced chemically, yet the name remains the same.

What makes this Navy Blue with Red, Buff and Orange Diamond Pattern Madder tie so special?

1. Real Ancient Madder. Today, there a few that can print real madder fabrics. It is a difficult, multi-step silk screen print process and hence only the best silk qualities are used. Fort Belvedere sources real ancient Madder fabric from England. To produce a blue madder, for example, natural white base cloth is outlined with a pattern and highlight colors are applied to certain areas. Once the pattern printing is finished, the fabric is immersed in an indigo bath, rendering the omitted areas Madder blue. This navy blue is on the lighter side, yet strong and classic. As such, it pairs well with all kinds of suits and sport coats, unless they have small checks.

2. Chalky feel. Madder ties are also known for their distinctive chalky feel, which is achieved by adding the formerly stripped natural gum back to the silk. This complicated process results in beautiful, rare fabric that we complement with equally high quality finishing touches:

3. Details. Self tipped or untipped with  fine hand rolled edges, an interlining chosen for ideal tie knots, and a signature green 3-ply silk yarn from Germany for durability.

4. Sizes. Fort Belvedere offers 3 different sizes so that each man can attain the ideal proportions for their height.

5. Pattern The fine micropattern is also known as Macclesfield Neats, which are rarely found today anymore.


SHORT - for men that are 5'8" - 173 cm or shorter

REGULAR - for men that are around 5'11 - 180cm tall

LONG for men that are 6'3" - 190cm or taller

Madder Tie Style Tips

Navy blue is probably the most classic of all necktie colors. As a dapper gentleman it pays to have a selection of different shades depending on the colors of your suits, sport coats and tweed ensembles. The fact that this tie incorporate red, buff and orange makes it very easy to combine with any kind of formal business outfit as well as casual ensembles. Because of that it is a great choice no matter if you are just building your tie collection or if you already have other blue ties.

We also offer this tie pattern in yellow here.

How to Store This Tie

Begin by untying the knot it in the opposite way you tied it; never store your ties knotted! Roll it up for a day to allow the wrinkles to relax, and then hang it on a tie rack in your closet.

Signature Green Gift Box

This madder silk tie comes in a heavy Fort Belvedere gift box.


If you have any questions, about tie sizes, or if you need help choosing a tie for yourself or if you want to buy it as a gift, please get in touch with us, we are more than happy to help you. 

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