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Wool Challis Tie in Olive Green with Small Geometric Pattern in Red and Orange - Fort Belvedere
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- All Made by Hand from English Printed Wool Challis
- 3 different sizes
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box
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What you need to know

With a fine hand and stunnig colors, Wool Challis ties have been a wardrobe staple of elegant gentleman ever since their invention in the 19th century.The name Challis was derived from the Anglo-Indian word shalee, which means soft. It was first introduced at Norwich in 1932 as a soft worsted wool or silk cloth and quickly became a favorite fabric of the upper class.

Perfect as sophisticated additions to a fall or summer ensemble, Wool Challis ties rarely wrinkle and offer a good alternative to madder silk or jacquard ties for your casual outfits and in more conservative colors and patterns even for the business wardrobe.

What makes this Olive Green Wool Challis Tie with red and orange so special?

1. Hand printed. Traditionally, wool challis ties were hand block printed, which was extremely labor intensive. Today, they are screen printed. To capture the best of the old and the new methods, Fort Belvedere ties are screen printed by hand, lending an old world charm.

2. Micropatter. Micropatterns from England are also known as Macclesfield neats as the tie fabric printing industry is located in Macclesfield. Unlike polka dots they have more detail as well as two colors, in this case red and orange, which makes the tie easier to combine and warmer in its overall appearance. 

3. Workmanship. The ties are entirely sewn by hand, which is important to provide tie the flexibility. The untipped ends are meticulously hand rolled and much finer than what you usually see from high end brands.

4. The knot. The wool used for this tie has a certain thickness and hence it is best made up in a traditional 3-fold construction, which results into a elegant knot.

5. Details. To ensure that your tie withstands the test of time, Fort Belvedere uses a special signature green 3-ply silk yarn from Germany to sew your ties by hand.

6. Sizes. Fort Belvedere offers 3 different sizes so that each man can attain the ideal proportions for their height.


SHORT - for men that are 5'8" - 173 cm or shorter

REGULAR - for men that are around 5'11 - 180cm tall

LONG - for men that are around 6'3 - 190cm tall

Wool Challis Tie Style Tips

This olive green tie with red and orange geometric pattern is the perfect fall tie for your sportscoats, blazers and donegal tweeds because it matches the season perfectly. Although not suited for traditional office wear, it may acceptable in modern business environments. In any case, this is a great piece for the advanced connoisseur who already has all basic ties and wants something different that is classic and sophisticated.

How to Store This Tie

Begin by untying the knot it in the opposite way you tied it; never store ties knotted! Roll it up for a day to allow the wrinkles to relax, and then hang on a tie rack in your closet.

Signature Green Gift Box

This wool challis tie comes in a heavy Fort Belvedere gift box.


If you have any questions, about the right size for you, the materials or if you need help choosing a tie for yourself / a friend, please contact us, and we are more than happy to assist you.   

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