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Ascot in Buff, Red, Blue, Orange Macclesfield Neats Micropattern - Fort Belvedere
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- 100% Luxurious English Madder Silk
- Self Tie - Macclesfield Neats
- Made by Hand in buff, red, blue & orange
- Makes You Stand Out From The Crowd In Style

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What you need to know

Ascots, also known as cravats are a wonderful addition to any man's wardrobe because they make a statement yet they look nonchalant but elegant at the same time. If you already have a selection of neckties and bow ties, investing in an Ascot is the next step.


What makes this Macclesfield Silk Ascot so special?

1. Stunning Hand Screen Printed Macclesfield Silk from England - Fort Belvedere sources this luxurious Macclesfield silk fabric in the buff, red, blue and orange square micropattern from England. Although much more expensive than regular silks, this makes for stunning ascot silk because it drapes well and pairs harmoniously with other colors. It is printed by hand on a thick twill fabric that is finished so it is a bit crisper than our soft madder silk ascots but still soft. While most fabrics are digitally printed these days, this fabric is hand screen printed just like Hermès scarves.

2. Handmade - This Ascot is entirely made by hand.

3. Self-Tie Ascot - Sometimes Ascots are modified so they are easier to tie. All Fort Belvedere Ascots were designed after vintage patterns and are meant to be tied by hand. This provides the perfect look and it allows you to tie it the way you like it best.

4. Cut diagonally On The Bias - This Ascot is cut 45º on the bias which requires more fabric but it also provides a debonair diagonal ribbed grosgrain structure, that makes you stand out from the crowd in a subtle, sophisticated way.


Ascot Style Tips

This Ascot is perfect for sportcoat combinations or blazers because it is the buff base color provides a nice pop, yet the blue ties it all together for a unique, nonchalant and elegant look.

The color scheme of buff, red, blue and orange square micropatterns is very classic and complimentary to other colors, making it the ideal travel companion. Although not as subtle as our madder silk ascots, the buff base color is not showy and more subdued than a yellow or red ascot. As such, it is the ascot of choice for the understated gentleman who wants a casual alternative to a tie or bow tie with a sophisticated dash of color. Even though it is perfect for that hopsack or worsted blazer, it also works with lighter summer colors, linen, cotton or seersucker as well as winter tweeds and flannels. Of all the ascots we have, this is likely the most versatile.

Paired with a boutonniere you will likely be the best-dressed man in most situations, yet it is a more casual statement than a regular necktie. 


How to Store Ascot

Simply untie your Ascot and hang it on a rack or laying flat; it is up to you. If you encounter wrinkles, gently steam the Ascot it but avoid ironing because it will ruin the edges.



If you have questions or need style advice in choosing neckwear for yourself or someone else, let us know, we are happy to help.

SKU: 4054956010510