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Collar Pin Safety Pin Gold Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere 4054956004243

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- Secure closure
- Made of gold plated stainless steel
- Solid Quality
- Elevates your tie knot
ANY 4 COLLAR PINS for $100
ANY 8 COLLAR PINS for $180

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What you need to know

Classic Gold Plated Stainless Steel Collar Bar Clip 51mm - 2" long

Collar Pins were hugely popular in the twenties and thirties, and recently they gained in popularity again with shows like Boardwalk Empire or the Great Gatsby movie. For more details about collar pins, bars and barbells, take a look at our collar pin guide.

What Makes this Fort Belvedere safety collar pin so special?

It is made of gold plated stainless steel, and a little more elegant and thinner than most safety pin collar pins. Ideally, you should wear safety pins with pinhole collar shirts, however they can be used with most collars and are actually pinned through the collar and lining. Using a thicker pin, would destroy your shirt collar over time. Moreover, a wide pin will often hang down, whereas the Fort Belvedere collar pins remain in a horizontal position. The gold safety pin is a very classic collar pin and was worn by the like of Clark Gable, Fred Astaire or recently Leonardo di Caprio in The Great Gatsby.

Not only is a gold collar pin a great way to add a unique accessory to your ensemble but it also elevates your tie knot, providing you with a debonair look.

This gold collar safety pin for your collar was made in Austria and is not comparable to the inferior collar pins you can find at many other stores.


Rest assured that Fort Belvedere accessories represent top notch quality across the board. Should you have any questions about collar pins or anything else related to our products, please let us know and we are happy to assist you.

SKU: 4054956004243