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Dark Green Boot Laces Round Waxed Cotton - by Fort Belvedere
Fort Belvedere 4054956009644

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- 15 colors in 47.25" - 120cm length
- Made in Italy
- Quality Waxed Cotton
- Made for Men's Boots
BUY ANY 3 PAIRS for $30
ANY 9 PAIRS for $80
ANY 15 PAIRS for $115

What you need to know

Boot Laces : 47.25" - 120cm long

Buy any 3 PAIRS of Boot Laces FOR $30 - Any 9 PAIRS for $80 - Any 15 PAIRS for $115. Just add them to your cart.

While it is already difficult to find good shoelaces, it is even more challenging to find proper boot laces, let alone boot laces in colors other than black or brown. 

Because of that problem, Fort Belvedere created a full range of boot laces in 15 colors which are long enough to work with all kinds of boots, no matter whether they are dress balmoral boots or Heritage work boots. 

Generally, boot laces are made of nylon or polyester and they are thick and ugly. Not so these Fort Belvedere boot laces. After an extensive testing period of 2 years, we are proud to introduce our colored luxury quality boot laces made of long staple cotton, that are thin and elegant yet durable.

What makes the Fort Belvedere round boot laces so special?

  1. 15 Colors - The easiest and quickest ways to transform the look of a pair of boots is to change the color of the shoelaces. On top of that, it is reversible and it will not break the bank. Fort Belvedere bootlaces come in 15 color options so you can personalize your look. Your shoes will look like a completely different pair, without having to buy new shoes! 
  2. Made of long-staple waxed cotton - this cotton is durable and allows to create thin, elegant shoelaces that will last for a long time.
  3. Perfect Length for Boots- measuring at 47.25" / 120 cm length and a little over 2 mm / 1/13th " in diameter, these shoelaces were specifically designed for boots such as Balmoral Boots, Derby Boots, Work Boots, Heritage Boots...
  4. Made in Italy - for superior quality. The laces don't just snap and the colors are vibrant and won't fade...
  5. Value Pack - Buy 4 pairs of shoelaces for $30. Buy 9 pairs for $60. Buy 15 pairs for $90. You can mix and match colors and quantities as you please.

How to Mix Bootlace Colors with Shoe Colors?

Basically, you can mix and match your boots colors in any way you want.

Black goes well with dark or light grey, purple, blue, green, red or yellow.

Brown is good with orange, mid brown, yellow, blue, purple and light brown, off white...

At the end of the day, it's all up to your creativity. Do you have a pair of buckskin boots or something that is a bit too formal, these laces will make it look more casual, and we offer brighter options such as orange, red or yellow, as well as mellow ones such as green, purple and grey so you can be as subtle or as loud as you want. Also, off white is a great color that works with all kinds of darker leathers such as cordovan, dark brown, black...


If you have any questions about shoelaces or other accessories, or if need help with choosing the right colors for yourself or a loved one, please get in touch with us, we are always happy to help. 

SKU: 4054956009644