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Silver Eagle Claw Cufflinks with Lapis Lazuli Balls - 925 Sterling Palladium Plated - Fort Belvedere
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- Luxurious Eagle Claw Cufflinks - Lapis Lazuli Balls
-Solid 925 Sterling Silver -
- Timeless & Elegant Design + Craftsmanship
- Handmade in Germany
- Platinum Coated So Cuff Links Won't Tarnish
- Handcarved by a Master Goldsmith

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What you need to know

Even though button cuffs are popular today, cufflinks have been the gentleman's way to close his shirt cuffs for well over a century. 

Back in the day, all cufflinks were double sided, For a brief moment, snap links came along before T-Bar cufflinks became the dominating style because they are inexpensive, not because they were elegant.

We believe cufflinks are an extension of your personality and as such, they should be classic, timeless and elegant just like the rest of your wardrobe. 

Hence we created the Eagle Claw: finely carved around a ball of semi-precious stones such as Lapis, Onyx, Malachite, Carnelian and Tiger's Eye these cufflinks are true pieces of art that were made by Hand by a master jeweler in Germany!

What makes these Silver Fort Belvedere Eagle Claw with Lapis Lazuli Balls so special?

1. Handmade by a Master Goldsmith in Germany. Just like with a garment, jewelry made by a craftsman is far superior to factory-made items. The inspiration for these cufflinks came from Jean Michel Schlumberger who is best know for his cufflink designs for Tiffany & Co. We wanted to create something that was handmade, inspired by an eagle, yet elegant, timeless and unique. The carving of the shape, the casting of the silver, and the setting of the Lapis Lazuli balls is all done by hand.

2. Intricate Detail. Just like with everything we do, we pay great attention to detail. The eagle claws in these cufflinks are proportional and intricate, and even the bar is shaped and carved in the spirit of a true masterpiece. Yet, we made these cufflinks so strong that you can wear them for decades to come and hand them down to your grandkids. We tested different ball sizes and these cufflinks will not come off your cuff and work with 99% of French cuff shirts.

3. Quality Lapis Lazuli. We only use the highest quality deep blue Lapis Lazuli balls with as few exclusions as possible. This is very expensive and most other lapis has inclusions of lighter shades of blue. As this is a natural semi-precious stone, every piece is unique and it will vary from the pictures.

4. Solid 925 Sterling Platinum Plated. While most cufflinks are hollow to save money on the metal price, we believe in quality, and therefore we cast our cufflink in solid 925 Sterling Silver. We then plate them in platinum in order to prevent tarnishing. The plating is thick and should not wear off even after decades of wear. 

5. Unusual & Classic. These are not just cufflinks but pieces of art that will earn you admiration wherever you go. It is the perfect for people who like the classic look of Onyx but want a more unusual shape, that matches the uniqueness of their personality and outfit.

6. Also Available in Gold. We offer the same cufflinks in vermeil yellow gold and lapis here.

How To Wear This Pair Of Eagle Cufflinks with Lapis Lazuli Balls?

Ideally, you should wear these cufflinks with gold trimmings. So if your belt buckle or collar pin or tie bar is silver or the metal parts on your briefcase are silver, stick with these.

Apart from that, they can be worn with any dark suit, three piece suit , casual suit or sport coat combination. The mix of yellow gold and Lapis is an all time classic and compliments will be guaranteed. They are also a fantastic choice for everyday wear or travel because they work with formal as well as informal outfits.

Cufflink Dimensions

Take a look at the pictures on a shirt cuff to get a good understanding of what they will look like.

Length: 35mm - 1.38"

Large Ball Diameter: about 12mm - 0.48"

Small Ball Diameter: about 8mm - 0.32"

Weight: 14 grams

We tested these with cuff buttonholes measuring from 13 - 19mm / 0.5" - 0.75" and they worked perfectly with all of them. Even though the small ball is just 8mm, the claws around it make it a little bigger, and ensure that the cufflinks won't come undone during wear.

Get A Set - Build A Collection

Everyone should have formal cufflinks such as these, some more informal ones and some in between. Simply add them to the cart.

If you choose any 2 sets of cufflinks, get $60 off.

Choose any 3 sets of cufflinks and get $160 off. 

Choose any 5 sets of cufflinks and get $350 off. 

Choose any 8 sets of cufflinks and get $700 off. 

How Should You Care For These cufflinks?

These are semi-precious stone cufflinks that are designed and made to be handed down to your children. However, due to the nature of stones, they can always crack if handled improperly or if they are exposed to chemicals. Therefore do not drop them, or expose them to chemicals. Just wear them and enjoy!


Fine men's accessories have been our passion 1999. If you have any questions about cufflinks or if you need assistance with other accessories, please contact us! We are always happy to help you build your wardrobe or choose a unique gift.

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