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Silk Barathea Cummerbund in Black - Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere 4054956007541

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- 100% Luxurious Italian Silk Barathea
- Very rare and hard to find
- Adjustable with Elastic inserts for added comfort
- Made by hand
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box 

What you need to know

Traditionally, the waistband of trousers was always covered, which is especially true for a tuxedo. Basically, you have two options: a vest or a cummerbund. Note, it's not an option to go without either of them, it's one or the other, unless you wear a double breasted tuxedo, then you can go without. However all single breasted tuxedos and dinner jacket need a cummerbund or vest.

This Fort Belvedere Black Barathea Cummerbund was designed to match the silk of the bow tie.

You will not find a better black bow tie in silk Barathea anywhere else! 

What makes this Black Barathea Cummerbund so special?

1. Fort Belvedere sources the luxurious silk Barathea from a renowned Italian silk mill. Technically, Barathea was a trade name for a fabric in Armure weave, which was very popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Although originally dyed in indigo blue, Barathea is now popular in black and favored by gentlemen who prefer a duller, less shiny silk than satin.

2. Handmade - This cummerbund is entirely made by hand with a special cotton interlining that enhances the look of the cummerbund. After many prototypes, Sven Raphael Schneider decided on this design because it is classic, with a comfortable closure, yet flexible. As such it is also perfectly suited for musicians, conductors or just stylish men who enjoy proper black tie accessories..

3. One Size fits it all - due to elastics

4. Unique Lustre - this Barathea  has a watered silk surface with a special lustre andand a dull background Repp surface.

Black Cummerbund Style Tips

A cummerbund should always be worn with pleats facing upwards, not downwards. Also, ensure to button the cummerbund loop the the inside button or your pants so it doesn't move when you do. Make sure to wear amatching bow tie and a unique boutonniere with your lack bow tie and tuxedo. Traditionally men wear roses and carnations with evening ensembles.

How to Store This Black Silk Barathea Cummerbund

Simply store it flat in a drawer where it is not exposed to sunlight, because that would be bad for the material. 

Signature Green Gift Box

This bow tie comes in heavy Fort Belvedere box, perfect unadorned for a gift box, storage or travel.


If you have questions, or need style advice in choosing a bow tie for yourself or someone else, let us know, we are happy to help.

SKU: 4054956007541