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Single End Bow Tie in Black Silk Satin - Fort Belvedere
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Fort Belvedere 4054956007138

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- 100% Luxurious Italian Weft Silk Satin
- The most expensive Satin in the World
- Single End Bow Tie - Extremely Rare
- 4.75" by 2.75" or 12 cm by 7 cm Made by hand
- Fixed neck size - for Gentlemen
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box
ANY 3 BOW TIES for $270
ANY 6 BOW TIES for $520

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What you need to know

The black bow tie is not just the namesake of the Black Tie Dress Code but also the most important piece of the tuxedo or dinner jacket ensemble. Normally, most bow ties have two identical ends, but during the heyday of men's elegance, some particularly dapper English Gentlemen, invented the single end bow tie, which creates a superbly neat and elegant look.

This Fort Belvedere Single End Bow Tie in black Satin is the epitome of black tie and will make you look the part on every ball, gala, wedding or evening event for a number of reasons. The silk used is the most luxurious Warp Satin you will ever find, and better than any other Satin out there providing you with a luxurious sheen. a Single Ended bow tie is of course it is a self tie bow tie but on top of that it has a an unbroken, continuous neck and can be worn with any neck size so you can't see or feel any metal clasps on your collar, and that is both rare and the choice of true gentlemen. Especially, when you wear a wing collar, this is essential.

You will not find a better single end bow tie in silk satin anywhere else! 

What makes this Single End Satin Bow Tie so special?

1. Fort Belvedere sources the luxurious silk warp satin from a renowned Italian silk mill. 99.99% of other satin used for bow ties is inferior weft satin which is cheaper to produce and has an inferior lustre.

2. Handmade - This bow tie is entirely made by hand with a special cotton interlining that enhances the softness of the material as well as the shape.

3. Single End Self Tie Bow tie - Self tie bow ties separate the gentlemen from the boys, and single end bow ties are even one step up. 

4. Fixed Size - it is very rare to find single end bow ties today, and Fort Belvedere offers the largest selection of them worldwide

5. This single end Butterfly Bow Tie will have dimensions of approx. 4.75" by 2.75" or 12 cm by 7 cm, and was designed according to true examples of bow ties from 1910s - 1930s.

6. Unique Lustre - this satin has glossy surface and a dull back surface, which is created by weaving with more warp threads which is a much more diffiicult, sophisticated and beautiful process than weft satin, which often looks cheap. Because of the particular way the silk threads are woven together, less light is reflected off of the surface of the fabric giving satin its characteristic even sheen and lustre.

Black Bow Tie Style Tips

A bow tie should never be tied to look perfectly symmetrical, because it would look too much like a pre-tied cheap version, and who wants to look cheap? Instead, you should tie your black bow tie with a bit of wit, nonchalance or sprezzatura, meaning intentionally off kilter with one end a little longer than the other, one side higher than the other, or a tight or a loose knot to achieve bow tie perfection.

Most bow ties suffer from poor interlining and the same boring two shapes - not so Fort Belvedere bow ties. This single end bow tie will stand on its own, and looks particularly dapper with a wing collar but a soft turndown collar works just as fine. It is slightly smaller than our sized bow tie but still large enough to work with any face.  This black silk satin single ended bow tie works well with all kinds of tuxedos with a satin lapel, midnight blue or black tuxedo, white of off white shirt, studs or no studs, vest or cummerbund.

Make sure to wear a boutonniere with your lack bow tie and tuxedo. Traditionally men wear roses and carnations with evening ensembles.

How to Store This Black Silk Satin Bow Tie

Simply untie your bow tie just like you would untie your shoes. Store it hanging or laying flat, it is up to you. 

Signature Green Gift Box

This bow tie comes in heavy Fort Belvedere box, perfect unadorned for a gift box, storage or travel.


If you have questions, or need style advice in choosing a bow tie for yourself or someone else, let us know, we are happy to help.

SKU: 4054956007138