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The Shaving Guide - Course and Ebook
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  • Featuring 79 videos in easy to learn course format

  • 288-page downloadable ebook

  • Get The Closest Shave Possible

  • Banish Nicks, Cuts & Razor Burn or Bumps

  • Save Time & Money

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What you need to know

Do you suffer from nicks & cuts, rashes, razor bumps and skin irritation?

The Shaving Guide provides you with a list of necessary tools + a 1-2-3 step process so you can reduce your shaving gripes, even if you have sensitive skin.

Looking for a perfectly smooth, baby-soft face?

We help you to find the best shaving style for you, then you can learn the proper technique in 54 videos from pre-shave, to aftershave for electric, cartridge, safety & straight razor. 

Tired of paying top dollar for Dollar Shave Club, Gillette, Schick, Wilkinson...?

This guide will show you how to reduce your cost per blade to $0.10 or less, and save you hundreds of $$$ or more a year, all while getting a closer shave with less irritation.

Why should you trust us?

      • We've helped men since 2010
      • We tested over 150 products
      • We are shaving enthusiasts
      • We spent approx. 1857 hours perfecting our shave

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