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Noteworthy – Sloop Shoe, Gianluca Migliarotti and John Rushton Video

Today in Noteworthy, we will introduce Sloop, a sleek summer slip on, a thought provoking interview with the director of the upcoming film O’Mast and a follow up video to our London Finds piece on John Rushton Shoes.

Looking for a summer shoes? Consider the Sloop Shoe

Sloop Loafer A Suitable Wardrobe

Sloop Loafer A Suitable Wardrobe

Recently I received a pair of Sloop Slip-on shoes from the online shop of A Suitable Wardrobe. Lightweight with a leather sole, this understated tie loafer is similar to a boat shoe. For summer wear, they are a more refined alternative to canvas shoes, and they ease the day-to-night transition by blending effortlessly with shorts and linen suits alike. They are Blake Rapid stitched and made in Italy. The calf leather appears to be of a good quality, and the inner heel is left a bit rough to prevent slipping.

Sloop Shoe Label

Sloop Shoe Label

Unfortunately for us, the first pair of Sloops we received was too large, and the second pair was too small in the toe box, while remaining a little loose in the heel. However, we can still highly recommend you give this shoe a try, as A Suitable Wardrobe provides great customer service and will cover all the shipping costs associated with finding the right size.

Take a look at the Sloop shoe here.

An Interesting Interview with Gianluca Migliarotti – the Director of O’Mast

Last week, Put This On interviewed Gianluca Migliarotti, the director of the upcoming menswear film, O’Mast. The film covers the extensive history of menswear tailoring in Naples, as well as the depth of modern craftsmanship that remains embedded in the fabric of this fashion metropolis. The film seeks to cover the full range of the menswear trade while appealing to both the sartorial expert and the budding enthusiast. Mr. Migliarotti begins the interview, notably, by sharing that the Napoli tradition of having a suit tailored is for people of all walks of life, not just for the wealthy. He then voices his dissatisfaction with the big-brand misappropriation of the term “bespoke,” in the light that it maligns the true mastery a real tailor has obtained over a lifetime. He continues to describe why imperfection in tailoring is part of the charm of a genuine garment, how tailoring is both old-fashioned and modern, and how many of the influential tailors of Naples defined the best of the trade. In short order, Mr. Migliarotti displays real passion and understanding of both his film and his subject.

No doubt, we look forward to seeing his film, O’Mast! In the meantime, do take a look at the O’Mast trailer

John Rushton Video

If you read our article on John Rushton in June, here is an interesting video that you might enjoy. The video profiles, who else but, John Ruston in his London store. It is clear to see why this gentleman is the kind of person you want to leave your hard-earned money with, for he is earnest, affable, knowledgeable, and passionate about his craft. Mr. Rushton’s clearly worn full brogue long wing-tip derby shoes attest to his dedication to the longevity of a good pair of shoes

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