Solito Napoli Mexico

The Other Solito

Usually, when an iGent (the internet-savvy clothing aficionado, of course) is confronted with the name Solito, he immediately thinks of Gennaro Solito, the renowned bespoke tailor of Naples, Italy.

Antonio Solito Napoli Mexico City tie selection

However, there is another tailor with the name Solito–to be more specific, Antonio Solito. In fact, he is Gennaro’s brother who moved to warmer climes more than two decades ago and started his own haberdashery in Mexico City, of all places. Located in the fine neighborhood of Polanco, Solito provides Mexico’s finest bespoke and made-to-measure suits to politicians, businessmen, lawyers, and so on. As a trained tailor, he offers full bespoke, but his main business comes from high end brands like Kiton, Loro Piana Luigi Borrelli, Brunello Cuccinelli and smaller ones like Dolce Punta, D’Avenza, Peluso and A. Testoni. It is worth mentioning that Antonio Solito is also well known for his exquisite tie collection, which consists of at least 2,000 ties at any given time.

Antonio Solito Napoli Mexico City A. Testoni shoes

Antonio Solito Napoli Mexico City A. Testoni shoes

We visited this fashion paradise and took a couple of pictures of his nicely decorated, independently-owned men’s store. If you should happen to travel to Mexico City in the near future, plan to stop by at Antonia Solito’s store. Even if you do not buy anything, it is nice to look at their books and merchandise.


Antonio Solito Napoli
Presidente Masarik #320
col. Polanco DF
Mexico City, Mexico