Top 43 Mens Classic Style Blogs

Top 43 Men’s Classic Style Blogs, Youtube Channels, Instagram & Tumblr

Year after year, my friend Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real Style publishes his favorite list of men’s style blogs. His team analyzes more than 450 men’s fashion and style blogs from around the world that and breaks it down into several categories. We wanted to take a different approach and focus on just classic men’s style outlets such as blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts and Tumblrs because classic men’s style has always been at the core of what we do and fashion has very little to do with it.

Of course, these kinds of list are always subjective, but the goal is to highlight other solid content creators in the space that appeal to us. Unfortunately, not all channels have the same amount of depth regarding classic style and consistency, but in any case, we want to highlight the ones that are as close to classic men’s style as possible.

If you can think of someone that we might have forgotten or overlooked, please share in the comments, and we might add them to the list.

Top 10 Classic Men’s Style Blogs

Fortunately, over the years many blogs have evolved that focus more or less exclusively on the classic spectrum. Our favorites are listed in alphabetical order.

articles of style

Articles of Style

Articles of Style

Run by Dan Trepanier, Articles of Style started out as The Style Blogger, then changed names to tsbmen and now to Articles of style. Just like the name the entire website and business model changed over the years. In the beginning, Dan and his team would produce in-depth guides about all topics related to classic men’s clothing always emphasizing a modern twist and providing quality photography across the website. Today, they still provide solid content, but they also offer custom clothing for men. One aspect that makes AoS stand out is their style guide: it’s an assortment of sortable outfit pictures that provide loads of inspiration.

claymoor's list

Claymoor’s list

Claymoor’s List

Founded by the Romanian Mircea Cioponea in 2011, Claymoor’s List is a site loaded with photos, interviews, and information about classic men’s shoes.  As such it is a niche blog but one that is fully in line with our philosophy of quality and timeless style. If you have fallen in love with high-end men’s shoes or if you to be inspired for your next bespoke commission or simply see what’s out there, Claymoor’s List is a blog to bookmark.

Die, Workwear!

Although based on Tumblr, Die, Workwear! is much more than your usual Tumblr. It is comprehensive and filled with well-written niche articles that focus on specific details of classic men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. It includes many shopping tips and recommendations. Derek has a great eye for detail and likes to dig deeper and explore the history of items. On top of that, he always goes the extra mile when sourcing pictures, which means you get quite a few inspirational photos that round out the post.


Brian Sacawa started HeSpokeStyle in 2013 and partnered early on with photographer Rob McIver. As a consequence, the photography has always been superb. Brian’s articles are usually short, and to the point, often with a bit of humor but always related to a modern gentlemanly (life)style. If you are interested in clothing for the modern man, make sure to check out HeSpokeStyle.




Milanese Special Selection

Founded by Frenchman Laurent Le Cam, Milanese Special Selection is a French Blog focusing on bespoke clothing and craftsmanship, way beyond the limits of Milan. Whether it’s factory visits, style discussions, bespoke tailoring, shoe making, quality off-the-rack clothing, Laurent does it all with a large attention to detail. If you do not speak French, use Google translate because Laurent provides a lot of information about small craftsmen who produces beautiful items.

Parisian Gentleman

Run by the Hugo Jacomet and Sonya Glyn Nicholson, the Parisian Gentleman is published in several languages including English. The posts are often detailed and long illustrated with pictures, and they range from brand features to how to guides and essays about style and elegance. They have a large pool of writers who add their individual approach to style to the magazine. If you are new to PG, I suggest you start here. You might also be interested in the beautiful coffee table book by Hugo with the blog’s title: Parisian Gentleman

Permanent Style

Probably the most comprehensive blog for all things bespoke, Permanent Style focuses on garments, shoes, and all kinds of classic men’s accessories. Founded by the British journalist Simon Crompton, the site contains many reviews and shorter posts about all things custom, and men’s style related. In the early days, it had a heavy focus on Great Britain, but today it has expanded the coverage to craftsmen from other countries significantly. If you are into bespoke, you don’t want to miss out on Permanent Style. You can see our interview with Simon here.

Sartorial Notes

Formerly known as The Journal of Style, founder Torsten Grunwald from Denmark recently renamed it to Sartorial Notes to pay hommage to the core content of his blog: sartorial menswear. Torsten has a marvelously classic, understated style that does not cry for attention but focuses on the details and fit. While many other are obsessed with Italian tailoring, he often works with craftsmen less well-known to the general internet style world. You will find reviews about tailors, shirtmakers, shoemakers and accessories at Sartorial Notes as well as short essays on his take on style as well as street style photos from Pitti Uomo and his travels. Although this blog is updated less frequently than others mentioned here, it deserves a mention because of its unique quality content.

Street X Sprezza

Street X Sprezza is the blog of Ethan Wong, a millennial vintage lover of modest height from California. This blog quality photography and outfit inspirations for men who are young and on a budget. Ethan shows perfectly how one can develop one’s personal style mixing vintage and modern day clothing. You will find anything from outfits inspired by vintage fashion illustrations, to made to measure reviews or guide on how to score $3 bargains on vintage suits, all while keeping a young, upbeat voice that appeals a younger audience. You’ll be hard pressed to find other youngsters who have such a good sense of style at such a young age. So if you are into vintage or if you are on a budget or shorter or if you want inspiration for your outfits, this is the blog for you.

The Nordic Fit

Written by the Finnish senior executive advisor and management consultant Juho Rehakka, The Nordic Fit is not updated too frequently but if it is, you can usually either find a post about a classic outfit, shoes, shirts, accessories or guides on how to wear things. We like it because it shows how business appropriate outfits can be unique and interesting without the need to be overly flashy. If you can’t get enough of Juho’s photos, you might also want read his columns on Parisian Gentleman.

Bonus: Put This On, Ivy Style, Bespoke Dudes & Keikari

If you are still in need of more blog subscriptions, please take a look at Put This On, where you can find many eBay suggestions as well as guides and outfit inspirations.

In case you are interested in prep style, you should take at the well-written Ivy Style blog, which focuses exclusively on all things preppy and Ivy League style.

The Bespoke Dudes is a blog mostly dedicated to Italian bespoke tailoring and craftsmanship. With great photos, you get to dive into Italian tailor ateliers you may have never heard of. Now if only, new post would be published more regularly…

On the other hand, if you are interested interviews and the occasional product review, I suggest you check out the Finnish website Keikari, which is also available in English.

Top 10 Men’s Clothing YouTube Channels

Unlike blogs, Tumblr or Instagram accounts, it is hard to find classic style YouTube channels. Therefore, we are expanding our scope to all channels that deal with men’s clothing and a regular, quality output.

alpha m.

Clearly, the biggest menswear YouTube channel out there, alpha m. was founded in 2008 by Aaron Marino. At that time, YouTube was in its infancy, and my friend Aaron was a maverick in the space. He has produced over 3000 videos related to men’s style, grooming fitness, as well as anything you would want to ask but maybe not quite dare to. With more than 2 million subscribers, and with Aaron’s energetic personality alpha m. is the the powerhouse of all men’s style/clothing YouTube channels.

While you can check out his videos on youtube, you can find even more on his website here.

Real Men Real Style

Founded by my friend Antonio Centeno, Real Men Real Style is a channel mostly focused on teaching the everyday man how style can help to improve his life. Apart from the hundreds of how-to guides and explainer videos, Antonio also maintains a website that provides many infographics, ebooks, and courses for men who want to become the best version of themselves. Antonio started his channel six years ago and now  has north of 1 million subscribers today, and that’s not by accident!

Teaching Men’s Fashion

Spearheaded by Jose Zuniga, TMF is the channel for millennial men who want to learn more about style. Jose was brave enough to start this channel at the tender age of 17 and today, his channel boasts over 400 videos and half a million subscribers. Unlike the name implies, TMF has expanded from just men’s clothing and fashion to aspects such as fitness, grooming, horology, dating, and many other areas. It is clearly geared towards younger men so if you are teen or tween, this is your channel.

Modest Man

Brock McGoff from the Modest Man is not just a friend but also a very smart blogger who focusses on short men exclusively. Recently he started his channel, and he is regularly putting out great video content with a personal touch. If you are a man of modest height, subscribing to The Modest Man is a no brainer.

Ashley Weston

Run by menswear stylist Ashley Weston & Dorian Innes this upbeat channel adds the men’s style perspective from the eyes of a woman who styles celebrities in Hollywood. They regularly feature guides on specific wardrobe items, combinations or Q&As and although they talk about classic menswear items, they are a bit more fashion forward. If you are a younger guy who wants to learn about clothing or if you like the Californian style check out Ashley Weston.

Gent’s Lounge

Founded by millennials Blake Scott and George Laboda, the Gent’s Lounge brings you all kinds of videos related to men’s style, grooming, and other lifestyle topics. It has a more casual touch, which is not surprising considering that the two founders are based in California. If you like a more contemporary take on men’s clothing and style, check them out.

Masculine Style

Tanner Guzy is the man behind the Masculine Style channel. The Sale Lake City resident and haberdasher brings you his personal take and philosophy on clothing via his regular video presentations ranging from the philosophy of style to wardrobe building and understanding fit.

Paul McGregor

Paul is from England and with his lovely accent, he regularly discusses topics revolving around a men’s wardrobes and self-improvement. Paul is a sincere guy who shares his successes as well as his struggles, and thus you should take a look.

He Spoke Style

Although Brian Sacawa stopped publishing videos for about a year, he and his team recently picked up filming again. Just like his blog, the production value of his videos is high, and the information well presented. If they keep publishing new stuff, it is a channel to watch.

The Gentleman’s Journal

The Gentleman’s Journal channel has over 100 videos, most of which are quite short but with high production value. Unfortunately, they are a bit inconsistent, but if they post, they try to focus on men’s clothing, people, fitness and lifestyle related topics. If you think 90 second videos are long, this is the channel for you.

Top 10 Classic Style Instagram Accounts

In most Instagram roundups you find accounts with many followers, but those are not the ones that feature the classic style we like. Hence here is our very own Instagram Top 10.


B&Tailor is a bespoke operation based in Seoul, Korea. The post a mix of their work, outfits, and details, all of which are classic but often with a twist. If you want classic clothing inspiration, follow them, and you won’t regret it!


The founder of The Bespoke Dudes is much more active on his Instagram channel than on his blog. Sponsored posts are mixed with suits, outfits, food and travel pics sometimes interspersed with a bit of architecture. Worth following.


Brian Sacawa shows the same consistency of quality imagery on his Instagram as he does on his other channels. He tastefully incorporates sponsored posts into his regular pics of lifestyle, clothing, travel, horology and spirits pics. If you like beautiful, you will enjoy this channel.


Aleksandar Cvetkovic is a British men’s style writer who pairs classic English style with a bit of flamboyance and eclecticism that makes his style truly unique. Whether it’s bold Oxford bags, colorful dinner jackets, a Teddy Bear Coat or a simple blue or brown suit, this Instagram features it all. Perfect inspiration if you want to remain classic with a twist.


Although this channel has not been around for long and the subject is limited to shoe patinas, the work shown here is unique and inspiring. Owner Alexander Nurulaeff knows not just how to polish shoes, but he adds marvelous patinas that will upgrade the look of any shoe. If you are a shoe lover, this Instagram is for you.


Stylish Instagram feed by attorney Atte Rytkönen from Finland that focuses on classic outfits that are not flashy but unique and elegant. If you want inspiration for your business outfits, definitely take a closer look at dresslikea.


Adriano Dirnelli consistently posts full person and close-up pics of his outfits, which are always classic and well put together. If you are seeking inspiration on how to combine colors and patterns, this is the Instagram account to follow.


Swedish writer, menswear consultant, and model Andreas Weinås prefers classic cuts a muted colors such as brown, gray and blue. Nevertheless, the looks are never dull but sometimes monochromatic and always stylish. Follow him if you like understated style.


Blue Loafers is a blog and Instagram run by the London-based Poland native Mikolaj Pawelczak. The pictures are often snapped by his wife Justyna, and they offer a great mix of bespoke, classic style with English, Italian and Eastern European influences.


If you like vintage or eclectic style, musician and vintage clothes horse Dandy Wellington is the right Instagram account to follow. He boasts white tie ensembles, top hats, boaters as well as club blazers and bold combinations all of which are inspired by the glorious 1930’s.

Bonus @iamgalla

Although not strictly about classic style this channel by Adam Gallagher produces consistently the most magnificent photographs, and therefore we want to highlight it here as well. Considering his output, it is not surprising that he has almost 2 million followers to date. Take a look.


Top 8 Tumblr Pages For Inspiration

Although Tumblr seems to be past its prime, and Instagram has become more popular these days, Tumblr allows for much larger pictures, which allows you to see the details of outfits, fabrics, and accessories much better than on other platforms. Also, it is very easy to share photos, and as such, you can find a lot of nicely curated channels with classic men’s outfits.

President-Elect Kennedy and Gore Vidal Shaking Hands - photo from vox

President-Elect Kennedy and Gore Vidal Shaking Hands – photo from voxsartoria


Voxsartoria consistently puts up images of stylish men throughout history. He covers politicians, celebrities, writers, actors and other personalities mostly of days-gone-by. Every once in a while he throws in some of his own outfit pictures which are always exemplary regarding fit and execution.

Le Grimod

Run by Herbert Stricker from Germany, this Tumblr is full of debonair bespoke outfits and interesting combinations.

Sprezzatura Eleganza

Excellent Tumblr with many new classic style images every day with a Mediterranean flair. Great for inspiration!

Italian Industrialists And Intellectuals Style

The name of this Tumblr is pretty much spot on, and although very niche it shows how the male industrial elite wears business clothing. It’s the kind of Italian style that you don’t see that often online or in magazines otherwise.


This Tumblr is full of outfits with seasoned gentlemen and stylish chaps who are not overly bold but still unique.


Very active channel that features young and old as long as they have classic style.

The Italian Cut

Classic Outfits with Italian flair. Great Tumblr for outfit combinations.


Although not updated regularly, this is an incredible archive of stylish men’s outfits that are timeless and elegant.

Did We Miss Any?

Do you think we missed anyone? Feel free to share in the comments, and who knows we may add them to the list.