what shoe brands are worth their money

What Shoe Brands Are Worth Their Money

Join us live for a discussion about shoe brands. You can ask Sven Raphael Schneider anything about men’s shoes.

Here is what we discussed:

00:41 Stacy Adams, several comments about a great value for the money (sub $100). Thoughts?
01:02 What do you think of Lottusse?
01:40 Fratelli Rosetti?
03:18 Prime Shoes?
03:22 Baldinini?
03:28 Acemarks?
04:18 Expensive heritage brands like Gucci, Ferragamo? Santoni?
05:45 JM Westons?
06:25 Best brands for loafers?
07:00 Any good brands for widths – wider or narrower feet?
07:38 Corthay?
08:44 Are Paul Evans shoes worth it?
10:03 Crockett and Jones? Bench grade?
10:51 Best brand for oxfords?
11:20 Allen Edmonds?
13:25 Shoepassion?
14:34 Loake L1 range?
15:07 Best brands under 200 Euro?
15:39 Meermin?
17:31 J Fitzpatrick?
18:14 Church’s? Are Church’s shoes worth the money? As good as crockett & jones?
19:24 Magnanni?
19:41 Cole Haan?
20:04 Tod’s?
20:34 Cheaney london shoes are they worth 500 pounds
21:04 John Lobb?
21:56 Borgioli?
22:04 Carlos Santos?
22:18 Herring?
23:12 How to buy quality shoes if you’re broke?
24:19 What are the most high end shoes you own? Were they worth the price?
25:19 El Corte Ingles?
25:38 Are Berluti overpriced?
26:28 What are your thoughts on Russel & Bromley? I found them to be great cheaper alternative to Church’s or Crockett & Jo.
26:43 Please How can we identify a good leather in a shoe?
27:58 Can you tell me what you think about R. M. Williams? I just bought my first 500€ Chelsea Boots from them.
28:45 How do you rate Johnston Murphy…..
29:03 How long do you suspect a shoe for $400 would last without shoe care?
29:50 Edward Green?
30:38 What can you tell me about R. M. Williams? Liebe Grüße aus Düsseldorf
30:44 Raphael what is your favorite shoe brand?I’m really curious!
31:33 CArly shoes?
31:35 Who do you get to resole your shoes? Do you always send back to the manufacturer or use a local cobbler?
33:30 St Crispin?
34:23 Thursday Boot Company? Are they really goodyear?
34:47 Peter Huber shoes?
34:52 Sperry boat shoes?
35:14 Alden?
35:56 OCHNIK leather shoes. They are from Poland and you can get them for a very good price and get top quality.
36:01 Are there any good Bespoke shoe companies in the US…What are they??
36:42 Describe your outfit today

askgg brands

#ASKGG About Brands, Their Quality, Value, Which Are Best & More

In this session, I answer questions about brands from readers and viewers like you. It was a live session on our youtube channel.

It lasted close to 40 minutes, and I answered a bunch of questions, you can see a list of all of them below the video:

  • What do you think of Charles Tyrwhitt shirts and shorts?
  • What do you think of the quality of Ralph Lauren OCBD’s?
  • What do you think of the shoe brand ace marks? Blake stitch for 300$ I ask because a lot of youtubers like rmrs and alpha m are promoting, it but they don’t seem worth it.
  • What do you think of Loding shoes?
  • What do you think about Loake?
  • Thoughts on Berluti???
  • What are your thoughts on Suitsupply? I’ve started with them and built a wardrobe but now find myself looking higher end.
  • What do you think of Brooks Brothers
  • I’m buying my first pair of dress shoes, what do you think of Meermin shoes?
  • Are you familiar with the magninni brand of shoe?
  • Have you tried Luxire?
  • I’m looking at a Belvest. Are they good suits?
  • Best brand for affordable loafers under € 150?
  • Have you looked at Hackett clothing?
  • What do you think of Paul Evans shoes?
  • What is your opinion on Carmina shoes?
  • what do you think about Hugo Boss?
  • What are the best preppy brands?
  • What are your thoughts about Men’s Wearhouse?
  • Thought on RL Purple Label? And where to buy?
  • What are some good affordable brands for polo shirts?
  • What is your opinion on the MTM suits of Indochino? Pro’s – con’s, service, quality, overall opinion?
  • Thoughts on classic Gucci horse bits? Is the quality today too low to be considered an investment?
  • What do you think about Van Heusen
  • What is your favorite brand for a white dress shirt and why?
  • What are your thoughts on American shoe brands such as Allen Edmonds and Alden?
  • What do you think of Cole Haan shoes?
  • Thoughts on Carlos Santos or Vass?
  • Thoughts about shoepassion?
  • What about Hickey Freeman?
  • Thoughts about J. Press?
  • What are your thoughts on teens buying aldo dress shoes & boots
  • What do you think of online MTM suits and shirts from Black Lapel?
  • What are your thoughts on the brand Sperry for boat shoes
  • What do you think about Italian suit brands? Gagliardi, Lanieri, Angelico and so on?
  • Do you think Salvatore Ferragamo Tramezza is overpriced?
  • Thoughts on Lock & Co hatters?
  • Have you heard of Eton Shirts? I see a lot about them online
  • Crockett & Jones vs Edward Green tassel loafers? Is EG worth almost double the price
  • What to you think of The Tie Bar for ties and pocket squares??What to you think of suits from J. Crew?
  • Whats your favorite tailor on the Savile Row?
  • What is your opinion on Combatant gentleman suits? would you recommend them?
  • What do you think about Hawes & Curtis shirts?
  • Did you try Velasca shoes? Specifically their Belgian Loafers.
  • What do you think about suits from Ede & Ravenscroft?
  • Olymp shirts. I like them. What do you think of this German brand.
  • Do you like Castangia?
  • What are your thoughts on Barbour?
  • What do you think about Tom Ford
  • Burberry vs Aquascutum trenches?
  • do you have a brand for really tall people (2m02/6’7ft)
  • Any thoughts on Pierre Cardin?
  • Any opinion about Thomas Bird shoes? Particularly their whole cuts.