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Shaving Guide Formats

Learn How To

Get A Close Shave
Banish Irritation
Save Time & Money

Are you tired of nicks & cuts, rashes, razor bumps and skin irritation ?

We provide you with a list of essential tools for you and pair it with a 1-2-3 step process so you can noticeably reduce your shaving gripes within 4 weeks, even if you have sensitive skin.

Do you want your partner to rave about your perfectly smooth, baby-soft face?

We explain the proper shaving technique in 54 videos from pre-shave, to aftershave for electric, cartridge, safety & straight razor, so you can learn any shave in 48 hours or less.

Are you tired of burning $1, $3 or even $5 on a cartridge razor blade?

This guide will show you how reduce your cost per blade to $0.10 or less, and save you hundreds of $$$ or more a year, all while getting a closer shave with less irritation.

The Shaving Guide will give you the knowledge to customize your perfect shave in 48 hours.

5 Star Reviews

Complete, Thorough and Well Done
Covers all aspects and techniques of shaving with extended discussion and demonstrations that are well organized and well presented.”

Daniel J. – Verified Customer

Why is shaving such a painful chore?


Gentleman’s Gazette readers just like you told us their shaving challenges.

It turns out, there are a lot. Any of them sound familiar?

Getting a close shaveDealing with thick or coarse beard hairShaving around face angles
Finding the time to shave properlyPrevent & treat nicks, cuts and irritationPoor lighting
Managing sensitive skinManaging costsLack of surface space

THE SHAVING GUIDE provides a solution for all these issues & many more

No matter if you want to shave with an electric shave, cartridge, safety razor or straight razor, we got you covered.

What Shaving Type Are You?

Take Our Quick Test & Find Out!

Why should you trust us?

  • We’ve helped men since 2010
  • We tested over 150 products
  • We are shaving enthusiasts
  • We spent approx. 1857 hours perfecting our shave


Sven Raphael Schneider 400

Sven Raphael Schneider

CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Hi, I‘m Raphael. You know me as the founder of the Gentleman’s Gazette, and I’ve spent the last six years helping men dress and live better. Shaving is no exception – every man should put his best face forward.

Personally, I want to spend as little time as possible shaving but I want the closest shave possible.

I started shaving with a Gillette Mach3 and canned shaving cream which left my face irritated. It took years of experimentation with dozens of products to find a shaving style that suited me.

The process was so painful and cost so much money that I decided no other man should have to endure the same painful process.


J.A. Shapira

Editor & Lead Author of THE SHAVING GUIDE

Hello I‘m J.A and I am a shaving junkie. To me a 45 minute luxury hot shave feels like heaven. I have spent years perfecting my shaving ritual and made many mistakes along the way, so you don’t have to.

I started shaving with a Gilette Mach3 and now I shave with a straight razor if I have the time and otherwise with a DE.

If you like any of our articles of videos, you will love this guide because it’s so in-depth and comprehensive, yet structured and easy to consume that no matter how you shave right now, once you are done with this guide, you will have a better shave, that costs less and likely even save time.

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Will Teach You:

  • How to reduce or eliminate razor burn, irritation, and ingrown hairs

  • What cartridge razor alternative is good for you

  • Proper technique for each shaving method, including tricky safety and straight razors

  • How to pick the right products for your shave method and skin type

  • How to save money but still get a great shave

  • What products to buy & not to buy so you don’t have to waste your money experimenting

Shaving Guide Formats

What’s Included in the shaving guide?

  • Online Course with 59 Units, so you can focus on what’s important to you and skip what is not
  • 70+ Video Tutorials with quality close-up technique video coverage, so you can easily and quickly perfect your shave
  • 5 custom shave styles so you get exactly what you want no matter if you’re in for the best quality, the quickest shave, convenience or a budget shave
  • 288 page downloadable PDF Shaving Guide
  • 150+ Products Reviewed so you know what to buy and what to avoid

Just a handful of the products we tested for this guide.

Shaving Products Group

Straight Razor Technique

  • Looks great on desktop screens, tablets and mobile phones
  • Large, detailed pictures and videos clearly demonstrate techniques and tips
  • Easy instructions help you master tricky double edge and straight razor shaves
  • Curated product kits help you hit the ground running without the waste and experimentation
  • Shows you how trading a $3 blade for a $0.10 blade can actually get you a better shave
  • Our testers are in the trenches with you. They deal with the big shaving issues we talk about – razor burn, irritation, ingrown hairs, thick and coarse hair, so we know what it’s like to deal with these issues for years.

  • 54 Unit Course with VIDEO Tutorials & step-by-step instructions
  • 288 page downloadable PDF
  • Easy-to-understand course format
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Works on tablets, phones & desktops
  • Add goods worth $600 in your cart + the course and you get it for free
5 Star Reviews

Enlightening and Comprehensive Shaving Guide
“I recently purchased the Shaving Guide and found it to be enlightening, comprehensive and well researched. The videos are well done and very demonstrative. I also enjoyed the recommended products section and have converted back to a double edge razor and the use of shaving cream and a brush. The $150 investment in the Shaving Guide has improved my shaving quality and experience exponentially! Thank you!”

Thomas Thielen – Verified Customer

“Winning is like shaving – you do it every day or you wind up looking like a bum.” – Jack Kemp

Is it really worth $150?

Yes! Here’s Why:

  • You will make your money back in 6 months or earlier by saving money on your shave, every day, and potentially thousands over the years.
  • To test all the products we did, you would need to spend hundreds of hours and $5483.
  • Time is money and we show you how to save time with every single shaving method.
  • This guide wasn’t sponsored – no one paid us to write what we wrote, so we can bring you unbiased opinions
  • Because we say what the marketing giants don’t want you to hear: cartridge razors SUCK, and we can show you a better way
  • Finally, we’re perfectionist shaving junkies with high standards. We take a hard look at the pros and cons of everything we touch, and we share them all honestly


Still Not Sure This Course is for You?

This course is for you if you…

  • Have Sensitive skin & experience regular irritation or razor burn
  • Are a man of color or if you have thick, coarse or curly hair and suffer from ingrowns and razor bumps
  • Simply not satisfied with the results of your shave
  • Do not have the time or money to try many different products
  • Wonder if you can spend less AND improve the quality of your shave
  • Wonder if you are using the right products for your needs
  • Want to learn how to do a double edge or straight razor shave
  • Want to save time on your shave, including cartridge, DE and straight shave


This course is NOT for you if you…

    • Get the perfect shave every time
    • Are an expert barber who has mastered all shaving techniques
    • Do not experience irritation, ingrown hair or razor burn
    • Have thousands of dollar and a lot of time to try many different products
    • Fully satisfied with the value and quality of products for the money spent

Can I find these videos and content anywhere else? No!

You cannot find our content, pdf and videos anywhere else.

We know there’s a ton of free shaving info out there, and some of it is very good, but:

  • It’s scattered across multiple websites, forums, and platforms and it would take you hundreds of hours puzzling it all together, not knowing what is quality info and what is not
  • The reviews you find are from different people with different experiences and skill levels.

Not so with our Shaving Guide:

  • Here you can find all the information, periodically updated in one place making it convenient for you and saving you a ton of time
  • We compare our products on an even scale and hence our guide provides more balanced reviews, so you know if a product is truly outstanding, just good or plain bad.

Can I Buy a Hardcover Version of this Course? NO

This course is based on videos, therefore you can’t print it. If you prefer to read, you can do so online but we also created a 288-page companion PDF guide that you can download to your tablet, laptop or phone for on-the-go convenience. We don’t print our material since we update it frequently!

Questions? Ask Us!

We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about the course.