Tie Snug Giveaway

After we posted our Tie Snug review on Friday, the manufacturer was so friendly to provide us with 2 Tie Snugs that we would like to give away for free to 2 of our readers!

Tie Snug

The Tie Snug, is a little clip that is placed invisibly underneath the tie in order to prevent the tie knot from slipping down. After thoroughly testing the Tie Snug for 4 weeks of testing, we can say that it really prevents the slipping of the tie knot, no matter what you are doing. This means do not have to readjust your tie knot any longer!

The Prize – Tie Snug

Two participants of the contest will be randomly drawn and receives a free Tie Snug in the mail – no strings attached! The retail value of each Tie Snug is $29.95.

How to enter Tie Snug Contest?

In order to enter the Tie Snug Giveaway contest , you simply must leave a comment in this post describing your favorite tie! That’s all!


Optionally, once you commented, you can earn bonus entries in the following 4 ways (this is entirely optional and NOT required; the more entries you have, the higher the chance you will win.):

  1. Register in our forum and make at least 1 posting
  2. Link to this post from your blog or website and let us know about it
  3. Follow @gentsgazette on Twitter

Deadline & Miscellaneous

The Tie Snug Giveaway Contest will close on Sunday, April 17, 2011- 11:59 PM CST. Any entries received after the contest has closed will not be considered for the drawing.

The winners will be notified by us and must provide their name and mailing address within 72 hours after notification. Otherwise, we will randomly draw another winner instead. NO purchase is necessary to win.

Both winners will be publicly announced on the Gentleman’s Gazette.

We reserve the right to exclude participants who do not abide by these rules, or the Twitter terms of service or post spam. All prizes are non-exchangeable and no cash alternative will be offered. This contest is not associated with Facebook or Twitter in any way.

This contest is over. Here, you can find the winners of our Tie Snug Contest.

In case you are a manufacturer of fine products and you are interested in a giveaway, please contact us.

31 replies
  1. Freeman says:

    My favourite tie is my vintage Gucci tie with regimental stripes, made from soft silk. Love it because it fits nice with a kelvin knot and cutaway collar. Its from the 80s. Got it from my uncle!

  2. Simon Trimby says:

    My favourite tie is a mustard yellow woolen tie from Cordings of Picadilly. One of my first purchases after I decided to start dressing properly. Goes with a surprising range of colours and keeps a nice tidy knot being rough wool.

  3. Gabriela Nanetti says:

    My favorite tie would have to be the one I’m constantly “borrowing” from my father. Its a Gucci dark blue diamond silk tie, makes me feel like Annie Hall 🙂

  4. Aisling says:

    “My” favorite tie belongs to my husband and I bought it for him while we were vacationing in Ireland. It has lots of shamrocks and brings back lots of good memories.

  5. Yannick Raczynski Henk says:

    I am most fond of my black, silk tie with white polka-dots. It comes with a matching pocket square and it reminds me of days when men dressed well because they wanted to and not because they work in an office. The polka-dots make it less suitable for work, but it does bring the flair and swing of the first half of the 20th century to less formal occasions.
    Having said that, I am an archaeologist and the polka-dots might just infuse the rather drab and slovenly ´formal´ occasions in my line of work with a bit of oomph. I think I shall try it when the next occasion presents itself.

  6. Marco Capriotti says:

    My favourite necktie is a great classic, even though feared by the most. It is a plain bright red one, bespoke by a chinese tailor and made of light China Silk. As it is lined with very thin cotton, its knots turn out to be very small, and so perfectly fitting with a detachable collar for a 20s style – or, in any case, with a mid-narrow collar. It matches the best with tweed and flannel, giving them both a touch of colour and retrò taste.

    • Sven Raphael Schneider says:

      Thank you all for your descriptions. I find it most interesting to see how different the ties are as well as the descriptions!

  7. Dennis says:

    I dig the black silk knitted tie I picked up in a goodwill for a buck! I wear it mostly with the knot loosened and top button undone with jeans when I travel! I do have a lot of other ties I wear with slacks and suits or odd jackets but for whatever reason I like it.

  8. Sharon McDonald says:

    My favorite tie that my husband wears is his grey, black and white print tie.
    Although, no matter what he wears it looks great because it is on him!

  9. William Widdoes says:

    My favorite tie is somewhere between narrow and medium width. The colors are muted and the tie is subtly stripped. It looks very good in a half-widsor and has a soft sheen to it.

  10. Michael G. says:

    My favorite tie is a silk Ted Baker I received for my 18th birthday while on a family vacation in London. It has diagonal black/silver/indigo stripes with a bright pink and yellow paisley design on the back tipping.

  11. jacqueline v says:

    my fav tie is my hubbys plain black one. it goes with everything and looks sexy everytime

  12. sue hieber says:

    my favorite tie is the one i found for my minister, silver with black crosses, and best of all he loved it too

  13. Marco says:

    My favorite tie is one I never owned. Yes, about 20 years ago I was in a store that had ties on sale. There was this beautiful, deep blue tie with a sort of iridescent effect that I really liked. [Even though the ties were on sale, they were still very expensive for the time.] I wanted to buy that blue tie, but I ultimately decided not to based on the fact that I had so many blue ties and I felt that my tie collection should have some other colors. As I went from store to store, I kept thinking about that blue tie and, finally, I felt I should go back and buy it. Lo and behold, the tie was gone and I immediately experienced a sense of dread and frustration. It’s 20 years later, and I still yearn for that blue tie. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s the truth.

  14. Diane Baum says:

    My fave tie of my hubby ‘s is very simple and classic navy with thin cranberry vertical lines

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