How to Fold a Pocket Square

Whenever you wear a jacket, an nicely folded pocket square will instantly make you look more handsome. When you wear a tuxedo dinner jacket we believe that it is essential to wear a pocket square even though technically you could skip it.

A white linen pocket square in a TV-fold is the most classic fold and we show you how to do that in the video above. You always want the edges to be visible and hand-rolled edges are the only hem a gentleman opts for. Machine hemmed pocket squares belong only to rental stores or handkerchiefs that you use to blow your nose.

If you do not like the TV -fold you can also opt for the crown fold, the puff fold or any other fold that works with the pocket square and its size. Sadly, most pocket squares are too small, but at Fort Belvedere we size every pocket squares so it is neither too bulky in your chest, nor will it disappear in your chest pocket.

This midnight blue jacket features lapels faced in black grosgrain silk.

This midnight blue jacket features lapels faced in black grosgrain silk.

On the other hand, a pocket square enhances your black tie look.

If you want to add an accent color to your otherwise black and white outfit, a pocket square is a good way to start. Solid colors such as red or purple are a good start. Ideally, you stick to solid colors because patterned pocket squares could detract from the elegance of your tuxedo outfit.

Homburg – The classic Evening Hat for a Tuxedo – note it does not have the pinch of a Lords Hat.

Boutonniere & Pocket Square? Absolutely!

Can you wear a boutonniere if you have a pocket square or not? The answer is yes you can, and it looks very debonair, just consider a few things.

If your lapel does not have a buttonhole, do not wear a boutonniere. Pinning a boutonniere on a lapel makes you look very pedestrian. If your lapel has a buttonhole, you want a look at the backside of the lapel. If there is a keeper loop, use that for the stem of the flower. If not you can use a pin or safety pin. Also, we show you how an how not to wear boutonnieres in the video below.

Want to learn more about lapel flowers? Check out How a boutonniere is made and The History of a Boutonniere.

How To Fold A Pocket Square
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How To Fold A Pocket Square
Learn these five quick & easy ways to fold a pocket square so it upgrades the look of any tuxedo or black tie dinner jacket.
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