Two New Contributors at the Gentleman’s Gazette

Dear readers,

We wanted to let you know that the Gentleman’s Gazette Team is growing. Recently, you saw the first article about Gouda by Currier Bell. Her passions include writing, fine food and wine, cooking, culinary implements of all kinds, elegant living, antiques and traveling. Currier will be covering a wide range of topics for the Gentleman’s Gazette, and you can expect that her enthusiasm will produce articles of depth and interest.

Also, we would like to introduce you to Owen Hardy, the CEO and publisher of The Society of International Railway Travelers®. Founded in 1983, the IRT has been travelling on luxury trains all over the world. With his background in Journalism, Owen will provide us with insightful travel reports of his luxury train tours. Tomorrow, we will publish his first article about one of the most famous trains in the world – the Orient Express!


Sven Raphael Schneider – Gentleman’s Gazette