Vintage Menswear Fashion Illustration Posters

Introducing: Vintage Men’s Style Posters – Now For Sale

At the Gentleman’s Gazette, we have always had a particular weakness for vintage men’s fashion illustrations, because they truly represent the elegance of the 1920’s and 1930’s so many of us want to emulate today. It’s simply incredible how much of that fashion is still relevant today, and we have been publishing illustrations ever since we started for inspiration. Due to popular demand, we created the ebook Gentlemen of the Golden Age – a book full of illustrations and advice on how you can incorporate classic style principles, colors and patterns in your wardrobe in this day and age.

Today, we take it a step further, and we are proud to offer printed menswear posters in different sizes which you can order framed or unframed. Monsieur magazine covers from the 20’s are stylized, artistic expressions of the wonderful fashions of the era. These covers are very hard to find, and if you do they can cost a small fortune, even if they are in bad shape. We did all the work for you, cleaned them up and sell them to you at a fraction of the price.

Top Poster Print Quality

We digitally remastered illustrations that are almost 100 years old to make them available to you in high resolution. They look particularly stunning in groups of 2,3 or 4, and I am confident you will enjoy them just as much as I do.

On top of that, we sourced top quality printer and paper on the market, so you get saturated, vibrant colors that show every detail possible. All posters are printed at least 300 dpi, so you get a very crisp image.

Poster Sizes - Gentleman's Gazette

Poster Sizes – Gentleman’s Gazette

Where To Hang Them?

You can hang these posters anywhere – in your man cave, living room, sitting room, bedroom or office.  I even have one in the basement. If you want to use your own frame, simply order the poster, but if you prefer a hands-off approach, you can order our framed posters. We use simple, black wooden frames made in the U.S. that look simplistic and clean.

Due to their artistic quality, they also make for great, unique gifts and you can have it shipped directly to the recipient if you wish.

Free Shipping

As always, you get free shipping with orders of $75 or more in con U.S. or $250+ worldwide. Of course, you can also combine it with other physical products in our shop or the eBook Gentlemen of the Golden Age.

What do you think of them? What posters would you like to see from us in the future?

Vintage Men's Style & Menswear Fashion Illustration Posters
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Vintage Men's Style & Menswear Fashion Illustration Posters
High quality printed menswear posters framed or unframed in high resolution for a classic look in your home, office or as a gift.
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  1. Tony Chow says:

    They are beautiful, but even more appealing to your audience would be posters of ladies whose elegance matches that we aspire for ourselves 🙂

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